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  1. one of the worst parts of getting into this radio stuff... is just coughing up the ca$h for a good radio. kids of and era do not have much if any moneys. sure lots of ebay junk, communist chinese copy trash. then all the extras just go get on the air. wire needs room. poles get bad press. somebody has to complain they can not watch there "reality tv show". or there toaster is talking. now if the prices could drop a bit at the manf/new and used radio sales level. then...are all the new fangled things really needed? sure the water fall looks cool but needed? then for those living at mom & dads place, just hanging a wire let alone putting up a pole. apartments, hoa's etc. then just location. i do like "volunteer radio service". but as for a door sign. "emergency radio service" sounds good. no need to add in volunteer, (to me that is a given. and not needed) for the door sign. but then i like just meat and potatoes. says it all and shows others (if a emergency is in effect) who you are. cause your not the media, or a leo. but your the guy who can get the needed info (in or out) right now. and no reason to have a web site listed on it. can place "other" stickers on the car. as to sizing of the sign? my car of choice is a 1984 cj-7 (set up to go most everywhere i point it) but i run with no doors most of the year. so not much room for a magnet sign on it. (something else?) or my 2020 F250. plenty of room there. (not a go devil). some kind of ---small--- flag/banner. easy to put up and take down and can be seen by all. i do not have much time/money right now, but will see about such, at least for my jeep and thoughts.
  2. have been out of this hobby for a time, many problems. but trying to get back into it. my main radio is a yaesu fT 897 (no letter), it was a new kid on the block when i bought it. couple others a alinco dr 605, and a yaesu vz-8. all are now called old flea market stuff. but both of my yaesu's are also very wanted units, even tho the manf wants nothing to do with them. just none of the fancy bells and whistles of the new units (past 20+ years). heck even my power supply is a radio shack unit. bought long before they went consumer goods or went away. i have thought about under, being prepared, to buy a very old tube type of radio, with extra tubes, as this will survive a emp (man made or from the sun, other?). growing up in earthquake country i do not fear them. and then set up a very old gen (new alt have a chip in them) for a bicycle power electric supply. but now i live in a valley up in the hills, going to be interesting to see about getting out. working on a sewer pipe pole tower, should get up a good 40 ft agl. but not much higher as a county airport is about 5 miles away and yes they fly above me. no problems for a tower as hills say they must stay over 1000 - 1500 feet up or crash. thanks to the over reach of the faa my drone has been grounded and it was limited to only 400 feet agl. then all the trees. what they did to toy drones would be like requring all hams to buy a commercial broadcasters permit, and only transmit off a radio, tower/location pre-aproved by them.
  3. i do not believe they allowed the waves to train with guns. could be wrong. i need to search this. but yes i do agree with your commit. maybe even a M1 garand hanging on the wall behind.
  4. good luck trying to swim up a waterfall. the sorta same thing in other hobby's. some just use one term, even knowing it is a wrong term. (model trains..."N gauge", should be "N scale"). for those not in the know. gauge is the spacing of the rails, scale is the size. (train sizing Z, N, HO, TT, S, O ( in three different sizing). G, then all the "larger scales up to the 12 inch to the foot guys. ham radio will never be as big as it once was, thanks to the cellphone and such, heck most kids these days just want to play games on there computers, i wish computers had been usable back when i was in school. not for games just what i have learned surfing on the web. history is fun now. but i still s*** in math.
  5. and here i thought the new penalty tax was already in force. on what date does it become effective?
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