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The Elmers' Circle

Reserved Club

This is a reserved club, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

Welcome to The Elmers' Circle, home of amateur radio elmers.


  • To facilitate access to highly experienced and knowledgeable amateur radio operators by all amateur radio operators
  • To fuel collaboration among ham elmers
  • To elevate research and development efforts in amateur radio
  • To encourage publication of evidence-based, peer-reviewed articles in Ham Journal
  • To advise, when so requested by federations, associations, manufacturers and other stakeholders in matters of technical excellence
  • To be vigilant of new opportunities, validate them, and promote them throughout the amateur radio community


Becoming a Ham Elmer requires completion of at least one of the elements below.

  1. Have published a peer-reviewed article in Ham Journal
  2. Have published a high-quality feature article in QST, CQ, QEX or other publication that the board may, at their discretion, deem acceptable
  3. Have successfully completed the Elmer Qualification Quizzes
  4. Possess a recognized body of work and accomplishments in the greater field of amateur radio
  5. Regularly teach licensing classes or advanced amateur radio concepts
  6. Teach, at a university level, any of the sciences related to amateur radio including those related to physics, astrophysics, meteorology, electronics, computer science

Upon completion, candidates can apply here: https://apply.hamelmers.org

Upon submission of the application, at least three current members must validate the application.


The Elmers' Circle constantly revises its scope of activities to match the needs of the greater amateur radio population. Broadly, Elmers participate in the 'Ask the Elmers' forum on Ham Community. Elmers further participate in online 'Ask the Elmers' sessions. Importantly, Ham Elmers are the only ones admitted as members of Ham Journal's Editorial Board. Elmers can opt to have their own blog on Ham Blogs. Ham Elmers are encouraged to publish talks, tutorials and other content throughout Ham Community. Finally, Ham Elmers collaborate with one another within the reserved space in The Ham Elmer's Circle.


Many experienced amateur radio operators, the same operators who will join Ham Elmers, are already very active and have extensive activities and online presence(s) in their own right. They have blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, Reddit following, and more. Ham Elmers recognizes this and therefore encourages the promotion of Ham Elmers' own online activities.

If you have your own site, blog, or any of the other elements mentioned previously, we will help you promote them here. We want you to have a strong following, it is in our mutual interest. At Ham Elmers, we think of ourselves as a gathering of great minds in a space that helps us nurture one another and fuel each other's efforts.


The fastest way to get an answer is to be a member of Ham Community and message K3MRI directly.


The application form can be found here: 



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