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  1. You can read about it: https://jonestown.sdsu.edu/?page_id=92807
  2. Well, I’m finally using my remote HF station again AND I finally solved the problem of my RemoteRig units failing to sync up. With the help of some Internet forums, one contributor hinted that Xfinity modems do not always forward ports. 
    It turned out that Xfinity added network monitoring as a feature. By turning it off, my port forwarding failures stopped.

    1. WN3R


      Remote station sold in February, 2021. I am still selling off gear. I upgraded to a K3s to use at home with the KPA 500w amp. 

  3. My contribution to QST 10 years ago:



  4. In 2006, I was trying to remote a Yaesu FT-1000MP and then an IC-706 when the RemoteRig system was first introduced. The house is powered by a 25KW generator attached to a 1000 gallon LP tank. Antenna switching includes the Array Solutions Six-PAC and a couple of remote coax switches which are powered through coax. I added a few small relays with binary logic to save on Green Heron devices.
  5. WN3R I started trying to remote my Frederick HF station back in 2006. I was way ahead of the technology. Just a few years ago, I was finally successful in duplicating my local operating style remotely from Rockville. The "Frederick" remote station consists of the following: Elecraft K3, KAT500 - ATU, and KPA500 Amplifier, RemoteRig, PC + TEAMVIEWER, and Green Heron Everywhere system. The "Rockville" remote operating position consists of the following: Elecraft K3/0, Laptop, second monitor, CW paddle, headset, RemoteRig, and TEAMVIEWER - Remote Desktop software. Antennas: 160M inverted "L", 80M sloping dipole fed with Ladder Line (Multiband), 40M dipole, Tribander, 6M beam, and 40M 4-square. 73, Dick, WN3R
  6. Founded in 1982, MEAN WELL is one of the world's few manufacturers dedicated to standard power supply products. It is ranked the 5th in global power supply (DC output) makers according to a report by Micro Technology released in March, 2019. 99% of MEAN WELL sales are of standard power supply products sold under the MEAN WELL brand name. The other four companies' products are ODM/OEM. MEAN WELL has been working as a "reliable partner" with customers, suppliers, contractors, and employees to build long lasting mutual trust relationships based on the spirit of "good intentions." Thanks to robust partnerships with 200 plus authorized distributors around the world, MEAN WELL has been growing and getting stronger for three decades. With 2,800 employees located at its global headquarters in New Taipei Industrial Park, Taiwan, branches and sales offices at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou in China, California USA, and Netherlands in the EU, four advanced production bases in New Taipei City (Taiwan), Tianhe District and Huadu District in Guangzhou, and Suzhou City in China, MEAN WELL had a combined revenue of USD 1,001 million in 2019. Website: www.meanwellusa.com Tel: +1-510-683-8886 E-mail: info@meanwellusa.com
  7. The Elecraft K-1 is CW only. Contact was on 20 meters. It was a couple of months after the article appeared in QST. Japan is more impressive!!!!!
  8. Based on the QST article, I resized the element lengths with a few loading coils and kite-winders to create a very quick to deploy antenna. I use a 10 meter Fiberglas telescoping mast to support the longer element. Electrically, it’s a dipole fed at the 800 ohm feed point. Physically, it seems like an end-fed long wire. When I first built it, my first contact was Senegal using 2 watts with a K-1. A Near End-Fed Antenna for Low Power 20 Meter Operation.pdf
  9. No, I did not have a VFO in 1958.
  10. All Winlink stations are here: https://winlink.org/RMSChannels NB: The one map shows the type of station filtered by type. Try the different radio buttons.
  11. Frederick, MD WN3R-10, 145.77 MHz Germantown, MD WA3YOO-10, 145.75 MHz Ashton, MD WA3YOO-9, 145.75 MHz Coming Soon from Frederick, MD on UHF at 9600 Baud
  12. WN3R

    Welcome WN3R

    Thanks. Happy to be here and happy to help promote the site. de WN3R I have way more equipment that I need. I'd rather build something than operate.
  13. Back around 2014 or so, I was operating the school roundup at K3BSB, Bullis School in Potomac, MD. I was really excited to work W2CXM, the club station at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY on 40 meters. Not sure if this is a first for the ham radio community, but it was for me. I am an alumnus of both schools.
  14. Stopped by the MCACS WFD site on Sunday morning. I had a great time catching up with Jim, K3MRI and learned about Hamcommunity.com. It was great to see Al, KN3U operating the IC-718. I meet a couple of new folks, Ken, KC3MIX and Frank, whose call I did not get. The site looked good, but it was a bit to muddy for this old ham to see the antennas up close. I am going to add Ken to the driver's list for the MAIPN Van. No, I did not make any contacts.
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