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  1. I have experienced a small number of extended power failures at home. My station power supply is a 12V/100Ah lead-acid battery that is charged by a ProMariner ProNautic 1220P battery charger. This high-performance charger includes critical safety features like temperature compensation and shorted-cell detection. And in a pinch, with the flip of a (virtual) switch, it becomes a 12V/20A regulated power supply - no battery needed. I have a 3 kW inverter/generator that provides enough power to keep my station battery charged, power my telephones and refrigerator, and run a small portable heat
  2. When I hear this question, I find myself trying to provide some context first. First and foremost, I am dismayed by the fragmentation of our relatively small Amatuer Radio market by three (or more) competing technologies whose similarities outweigh their differences. This seems counter-productive. Second, although digital modes are sometimes promoted as beng useful for emcomm, it's hard to see that digital voice is a net plus, at least until there is some kind of convergence. For emcomm, we want the broadest pool of available operators, the widest degree of interoperability, and minimal r
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