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    • What is Field Day?
      For years I’ve tried to define Field Day, not in an absolute, definitive or comprehensive way but rather, in a personal one. What does it mean to me? I have narrowed it down to two key added values, again, for me.

      First of all it is the camaraderie. I spend Field Day in a group setting. I do not operate alone. Secondly, more than the ‘contest’ aspect, even though it is technically not considered one, I find that Field Day is an exercise in ‘aggregation.’ Individuals, with different radios, different feedlines, antennas and power supplies, show up on the Friday or Saturday and are expected to magically make it all work together. Except for the most avid contesting clubs, there is little to no real preparation. Sure, so and so will bring the CW station, and so and so will bring the SSB station, but is there really any real pre-matching? Not really, and yet, it works.

      I’m sitting here at this year’s Field Day, with a group that has been together for 51 years, and yet, it’s as disparate as I describe above. Multiples of each needed item show up, and maybe because they’ve done it for years, everything somehow connects and they get on the air.

      If you think about it, this aggregation characteristic provides a foundation for many aspects of amateur radio. Of course, emergency responses are made possible by this quasi-instantaneous aggregation. So too do the more mundane public service interventions. Every year I participate in the Marine Corps Marathon. Over the past few years I’ve been attached to Net Control. Here again, ‘stuff’ shows up, and like magic, we have a net control station able to transmit to and coordinate with over one hundred portable and mobile operators.

      That’s it for now, I guess I should get ready for my own Field Day. And yes, I better remember what I ‘brought’ so that I take home what’s mine and not what’s everyone else’s.
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    • Interview with Maritime Radio Officer
      A fascinating interview with a Maritime Radio Officer who worked for the Marconi company (and subsequent companies) for 41 years.
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    • Bye bye Xenia
      Another show done. This was our first Hamvention as exhibitors, and it was wonderful. Thank you to all who came by the booth, especially all the Ham community members who came by to just say hello. Thank you also to all those who are supporting Ham community by purchasing our desk pads and mouse pads. We were also very lucky to meet some great potential partners for Ham Volunteers, which we are getting ready to launch June 1.

      What's next? We will definitely be back to Hamvention 2023 and this time even bigger. And yes, we will try to make it to Hamcation. As for the smaller hamfests around the country, if you run a hamfest, let us know about it, we will try to come!!
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    • Ham Radio 2.0
      WHAT IS NEW IN AMATEUR RADIO? Hi, my name is Jason, callsign KC5HWB, and I've created this channel to talk about everything that is new in Ham Radio. I review new radios, new products and new modes for the modern ham operator. I like audience engagement and viewer feedback, so please subscribe and check out my new videos. My most popular videos are my tech and general classes, and then after that, radio reviews. New radio broadcasts, tests, review, programming, etc, that's what this channel is mainly about. Amateur Radio Reviews, DMR Radio Reviews, Yaesu System Fusion, WIRESx, DSTAR, Flex Radio, Icom, Elecraft, Hamfests (Dayton Hamvention, Huntsville Hamfest and Orlando Hamcation) Love it all. 73 and thanks for watching.
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    • HC+ @ Hamvention 2022
      Hamvention is back! And yes, Ham Community will be there, but not alone, so to speak. Two new projects and some fun stuff will be unveiled.

      The projects present are:
      Ham Community
      Ham Volunteers - NEW!
      Ham Census

      We are in booth 5103! That is in building 5, as per the attached plan.

      And, as with every show we attend, expect some freebies! This year we have a fun surprise (remember last Hamcation we had the door hangers...). We also have a few 2021 band plans left to give away.

      We also have a new line of products... mouse pads, but not just any mousepads, ours go up to XXXL in size. They're really shack pads. Plush, high quality pads, only available ad the discounted price during Hamvention and one week after. (Special additional 10% discount when you come to the booth and get the code!).

      That's it for now. We hope you'll join us this coming 20 to 22 May 2022.
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    • Hamvention 2022
      Hamvention will be held May 20, 21 and 22, 2022 at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center. For more information, please select the tabs below or use the navigation menu above to visit pages of interest. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered on the site, please contact us.

      Ham Community | Ham Volunteers | Ham Census will be exhibiting. Come see us at booth 5103 in the Hertz Building.

      The entire staff of Hamvention volunteers is working hard behind the scenes to make our fourth year at  Hamvention’s new home at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Exposition Center even better. Details will be posted when they become available, so check back often. In the meantime, enjoy this photo tour of Hamvention’s new home: 

      Where it all started…Since 1952 Hamvention® has been sponsored by Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA). For many years it has been the world\’s largest amateur radio gathering, attracting hams from throughout the globe.About 1950, John Willig, W8ACE, had asked the Dayton Amateur Radio Association to sponsor a HAM Convention but was turned down. John wanted to have a quality affair. Speakers and prizes would be a drawing point. John finally found a champion in Frank Schwab, W8YCP (W8OK), the newly elected president of the club. A meeting was held and the DARA Board allocated $100 to get started. The first organizational meeting was held in January 1952.The Southwestern Ohio Ham-vention was born. The first committee consisted of: John Willig, W8ACE, General Chairman Al Dinsmore, W8AUN, Arrangements Bob Siff, W8QDI (K4AMG), Prizes and Exhibits Frank Schwab, W8YCP (W8OK), Publicity Bob Montgomery, W8CUJ, Finance Clem Wolford, W8ENH, Program Ellie Haburton, W8GJP (W4ZVW), Women\’s Committee. The next year the name became “Dayton Hamvention®” and was registered as a trademark.April was determined to be the best time but the Biltmore Hotel, in downtown Dayton was booked. March 22 was the chosen date, .....
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    • Manassas Hamfest 2022
      Their 48th Year!
      Manassas Hamfest Basic Information
      Manassas Park Community Center
      99 Adams Street, Manassas Park,  Virginia
      An ARRL-Approved HAMFEST Presented by:
      The “OLE VIRGINIA HAMS” Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
      (A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of Amateur Radio)
      VE Exams given 08:00 to 12:00 PM ($15 fee per Examinee)
      4th Call Area QSL Bureau Representatives will be present
      DXCC QSL Card Checking will be available
      Forums / Presentations at the Hamfest to be announced
      Plenty of free parking!  Click here to see the assigned parking areas.
      Major Prizes are
      Yaesu FT-891 HF/50MHZ All Mode Transceiver
      Yaesu FT-2980 2M – 80 Watts
      Diamond NR770HB Dual Band Mobile Antenna.
      Click For A Picture Of The Prizes
      You need NOT  be present during drawings to win.
      Other Prizes and times still to be determined – check back often!!
      The Hamfest Sponsor: The Ole Virginia Hams
      Email for information: chairman@manassashamfest.org
      Club: The Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

      On site testing?: Yes
      Conferences / Workshops?: Yes
      Flea market: Yes
      Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor,Outdoor
      Cost: $10 at gate
      Ham Community attending?: We will be attending as visitors
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    • Winterfest - The National Capital Area Ham Radio Fair
      The 46th WINTERFEST will bring hams and equipment vendors together on Sunday, March 27th for a traditional hamfest (indoors and outdoors/ tailgating) and ARRL VA Section Convention for 2022. WINTERFEST is an ARRL approved hamfest.

      Location: WINTERFEST 2022 will again be held at the Northern Virginia Community College Annandale Campus. Enter the Campus off Wakefield-Chapel Rd, at the large Parking Lot B.  Click here for more detailed directions and a campus map.

      Attendance Ticket:  Tickets are required for entrance to the Market Fair and the Convention Auditorium.   $10 attendance tickets may be purchased online here.   (with a $0.97 surcharge per ticket and a an additional $.30 charge per order). Be sure to print off your ticket and bring it with you.  Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $15.  The price of the ticket includes one door prize ticket.

      Schedule for March 27th: Outdoor/Tailgating Parking Lot B3– Opens at 6:00 am.  Indoor hamfest (Gym) — Opens at 8:00 am.  ARRL VA Section Convention Forum (Auditorium)– Starts at 9:00 am.  License Exams (Bldg CN) — Starts at 10:00 am.  Door prize drawings — hourly 9:00 – 2:00 pm   All indoor events in Building CE, Ernst Community Cultural Center and Bldg CN (License Exams).

      Tailgating:  WINTERFEST 2022 will feature an outdoor tailgate area with 150 paved tailgate spaces. Tailgate space selection will be available on a first-come first-served basis. We have never run out of tailgate space.  Tailgating begins at 6:00 am, Sunday, March 27.  The college does not permit overnight parking prior to the event.  The first parking space is $20 and any additional spaces are $10 each.  One attendance ticket is included.

      Website: https://viennawireless.net/wp/events/winterfest/
      Club: Vienna Wireless Society
      On site testing?: No
      Conferences / Workshops?: No
      Flea market: Yes
      Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor,Outdoor
      Cost: $15 at the door
      Ham Community attending?: We will be exhibiting,We will exhibit indoors
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    • 37th Annual Charleston Area HAMFEST and ARRL WV SECTION CONVENTION
      Saturday, March 19, 2022 from 9 AM to 2 PM
      Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center
      200 Civic Center Drive
      Charleston, WV 25301
      Easy access off the interstates!

      Admission:  $8

      Tables:  $12 (electric $10 if you need it)

      For table reservations, contact Russ Dean
      ke8dmb@gmail.com   304-362-5888


      First:  $500 CASH!
      Second:  Alinco DR135 Two Meter Mobile
      Third:    Jetstream 25 Amp Power Supply

      Plus—Portable World Band Radios given away and other great prizes!

      Forums : ARRL 10AM;  POTA 10AM;   ARES 11AM
      VE Testing at 12 Noon
      DXCC, CQDX, WAS, VUCC Card Checkers

      For more info: w8gk.org 
      E mail n8tmw@arrl.net

      Email for information: n8tmw@arrl.net

      On site testing?: Yes

      Conferences / Workshops?: Yes

      Flea market: Yes

      Cost: $8.00

      Ham Community attending?: We will be attending as visitors

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    • Hamfests 2022 - Going?
      Curious to know what people's hamfest plans are this year. As I write this, it seems like many events are indeed taking place. In my region there is Vienna Wireless' Winterfest, I know Hamcation just finished, and Hamvention is a mere few weeks away...
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    1. 1. I use my HT…

      • Don’t have an HT
      • I use it maybe once a year
      • I use it a few times a year
      • I use an HT often, at least once a month
      • I use it weekly
      • I use it daily
      • I’m on my HT constantly
      • I always have it on, just as an emergency backup
    2. 2. I mostly use my HT for… (all that apply)

      • For fun
      • For work
      • Club events
      • Public service events
      • At hamfests
      • On the road, in my car
      • Hiking or camping
      • VHF/UHF contesting
      • To access hotspot
      • None of the above or Other

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