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    • FCC Callsign Lookup
      We'd love to hear what you think about our new FCC Callsign Lookup tool. Like it? Don't? Want something improved or changed? We do have future plans for it, but we're hoping that you like what we've done with Phase 1.

      Please note that unlike some other lookups, ours is updated daily with the FCC daily dumps.

      A big thank you to Michael Edwards for programming this baby from scratch. I especially love the local time dial, perfect to know what time of day it is at my contact's QTH.
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    • Planetcalc
      What is PlanetCalc?

      Planetcalc is a free online calculator collection.


      Planetcalc contains 736 online calculators. You can leave a new online calculator request here. If you describe your requirements in detail, one of Planetcalc’s authors can create the calculator for you. Any Planetcalc online calculator can be installed on your website.

      Planetcalc authors

      47636 users registered on Planetcalc. 124 of them became authors. To become a Planetcalc author, please provide one of the following:

      Create a new calculator.

      Write a calculator description article.

      Translate the calculator, article or site interface into (or from) a foreign language.

      Here you can find information about a new calculator development..

      Our plans

      Implement more online calculators.

      Improve calculator editor.

      Translate site interface into other languages.

      Create Android and iOS applications.
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    • Ham Community at Frostfest in Richmond
      Ham Community will be attending and exhibiting at Frostfest 2020 in Richmond, Virginia. We hope that you will come out and see us.
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    • 10-80M ALPHA DX EMCOMM Antenna For Portable HF
      10-80M ALPHA DX EMCOMM Antenna For Portable HF
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    • 2020 New Year's radio resolutions
      So, does anyone have any New Year's / New Decade radio resolutions? Mine are to build at least one new, full antenna this year, and to possibly build a new go box with a different HF/VHF/UHF setup than I have now. Oh yeah, and to participate in the Vienna QSO Party with my buddies @K3HLT, @W3JRD, @KW4TO, and @W4DOI. In fact, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year!!! And remember, you don't have to buy stuff to be happy, you can also make stuff!!
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    • American Radio History
      This is a non-profit web and non-commercial  site created for educational and historical purposes with an amazingly rich collection of publications dating back decades.

      Other than where indicated, the operator of this web site does not claim copyright or ownership of any photographic images contained herein. Such images are reproduced in low or medium resolution and consist principally of unclaimed or "orphan" images where the copyright owner is deceased or unknown. They appear on this site under the "fair use" doctrine of United States copyright law, which permits the use of copyrighted material for scholarship, archiving and research purposes. Any persons wishing to duplicate or otherwise make use of the images on this web site do so at their own risk. If you believe to own any copyrights for materials on this site and do not wish them to be viewed as part of a historical collection, you may request them to be taken down. Please see our "Take Down Notice" for more details.
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    • Christmas gifts
      Every year it's the same thing, someone who knows a ham asks me if I have any ideas on what to gift. I noticed that DX Engineering even produced a video giving suggestions. It's a tough one. For instance, their first suggestion was a headset. Well, if you don't know the exact radio, and most non-hams won't, then you will possibly buy a headset with the wrong mic or adapter. A book? Tough one also. I actually believe that buying something for a ham, as a non-ham, is likely one of the hardest tasks. I'm curious if anyone has any advice. Did I mention that I am a Ham and that Christmas is coming up?? 😃
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    • Contest University
      So, last year I went to Contest University with @W4DOI. That was Alan's second year, the year before he had gone with @W3JRD. I must say, I enjoyed it. This said, I did find that it was a little more skewed to general operating than I would have thought. I was expecting something far more focussed on contesting per se. Would I recommend it, even to experienced hams? Actually, I would. You meet interesting people and you do learn new things, no matter how proficient you are.

      If anyone else has been to Contest University, I invite you to chime in. And if anyone has any questions I might be able to answer, feel free also.

      In case you're interested, this is the link: https://www.contestuniversity.com
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    • I have a couple blind ham friends who are interested in trying FT8 and possibly other modes offered by the WSJT-X software package. One of these friends recently discovered a logging program called QLog that includes support for the visually impaired.  Qlog works with WSJT-X and provides a command set and audio prompts.  It does not require a screen reader such as JAWS.  There are commands, for example, to search for an open audio frequency, call CQ, call a specific station, or call any station that is calling CQ and passes a test defined by filters such as DX, new state, never worked before, etc.  Setup is best done with the help of a sighted assistant, as several parameters need to be set in QLog, WSJT-X, the rig used for operations, and possibly within the operating system on the computer.  

      The QLog program and setup instructions can be obtained by joining the QLogusers group on the groups.io web site and navigating to the Files section.  Among the files is a detailed description of the setup steps that the sighted assistant should help perform.  

      One of my friends made his first few QSOs this past week.  I'm still working on setup with the other.  The assistive features in QLog seem to be well designed and effective, but, of course, there is a learning curve.

      As of this date (November, 2019) there seems to be one significant item not covered in the documentation.  QLog will work properly when calling CQ only if the RRR message, and not RR73 is sent.  The sighted assistant may need to set up WSJT-X in this mode via a double left click on the TX4 button.

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    • Fourth Annual American Legion PGCERA
      Ham Community will be attending and exhibiting the Fourth Annual American Legion PGCERA a.k.a. SantaFest this coming December 7, 2019 from 08:30 to 12:00. We hope that you will all join us!

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    1. Studying & licensing

      No matter where you are studying or what license you're after, help is available.

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    3. DIY - From scratch and kits

      From the smallest kit to the largest transceiver... we love building

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    6. Contesting

      General contesting discussions, not discussions about specific contests. Look in the calendar section for specific ones.


    1. Emergency communications

      From preparedness to deployment

    2. Public Service Events

      All about working with, improving upon, or otherwise participating in public service events such as races, fairs, etc.

    3. Repeater management

      if you manage a repeater, this is a great place to ask other repeater admins for advice, or to give some...

    4. Electronics & electromagnetism

      For those interested in the fundamentals of amateur radio

    5. Nets

      General discussions about local, traffic, weather, HF, etc. nets

    6. Nostalgia & History

      There was some good stuff happening in the good ol' days of Amateur Radio.

    7. Research & development

      Scientific research and laboratory and field testing

    8. Scanning & Short Wave Listening

      Anything to do with scanners or shortwave reception activities

    9. FCC, ITU, IARU and official policy discussions

      Discussions related to the U.S. FCC or to international and national regulatory bodies and policies around the world

    10. Organizing an event

      Discussions about organizing events, DXpeditions, contests

    11. Planning an outing

      Are you looking for friends to go operate? Planning on a small field trip and there's room for more people? Ask away.

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    12. Activations

      For all those of us who love to climb, travel and otherwise activate the most amazing places


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    2. Great QSOs

      Tell us about a great QSO you had just now, or even decades back. We'd love to hear all about it.

    3. Post your videos

      Embed your how-to, review, outings videos and let's discuss them.

    4. Self-promotion

      Did you write a book? Did you invent a new piece of gear?

    5. First QSO

      Welcome new members. Ham Community is happy to have you.

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    7. About Ham Community

      Discussions about the community itself, its functionality, ideas you have...


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    2. 2

      These country-based forums are to discuss with other residents or for non-residents to discuss a country-related topic. Not all countries are listed yet. If you would like a country to be listed, open a new support request here.

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    1. Ask a peer

      All hams will chime in. May the best solution win!

    2. Ask an expert or elmer

      The Community is fortunate to have Experts and Elmers who can help out.

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