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    • Easy to hang dipoles!
      Well, I finally "upgraded" from the strings with lead weights on the end, tater guns, rods and reels with a lead weight on the end, slingshots, and bows and arrows.

      I could only get my 40 meter dipole up 26 feet in the pine tree because thats as far as I could sling the string with the fishing weight on it.  Took me about 15 tries and I almost put my eye out.  Got tangled up twice, broke the string trying to get it loose, and the weights are still up there hanging in the tree.  But them limbs up there 60 or 70 feet up sure are appealing.  I just didn't have a way to get my rope that high.   I bet my dipole would perform a lot better at 70 feet than 26.

      SO... I got my drone license so all I have to do is tie a string to the hook on the belly, and fly it over the branch I want the dipole leg to secure to then land the drone.  Once the smaller string is over the limb I can tie the larger rope on the end of the dipole leg to it and pull it over the limb.   Why is it that everyone in the club all of a sudden has a dipole they need hung???????


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    • POTA on Vancouver Island
      POTA activation at Ft Rodd Hill National Historical Site and Fisgard Lighthouse, 22 Jan 2023

      The weather was just warm enough to operate outdoors. I used a 20 m dipole at 25 ft and a Yaesu FT-891. The power was a 20 Ah LiFePO4 battery. 71 QSOs in 2 hours. QSOs included MT, UT, WY, SD, CO, OR, OH, ID, AK, MN, NV, KS, CA, AZ, MI, KY, TN, PA, WV  Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C.  Background noise was very low, so I was operating at the limit of the internal S/N of the radio. The staff at the gate to the park were very friendly and a little familiar with ham radio. 
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    • When it all goes down
      Imagine your at work and it is near the end of your shift, over the radio and buildings loudspeaker you hear the following message......
      "All second shift standby for an emergency announcement" 
      A few seconds go by and another announcement's made. 
      "due to civil disrest we are asking all second shift employees to stand by with third shift until further notice at which time we will provide further information" 
      Now you know that there had been some peaceful vigils and protests going on in the downtown area, but nothing to crazy, however once you flip on the news channel you find out that a few bad eggs decide to start a riot to the south of downtown. So you call your family and tell them to lock the doors and stay in the house. You know your wife or Fiancé's kids are at a restaurant nearby and you call her and say " Babe get a hold to the kids and tell them to get out of the area".
      She responds why? As she has been asleep and didn't know what is going on. 
      You respond they are rioting to the south and I know- CLICK all of a sudden your phone shuts off. 
      You desperately try to call her back but you get the message " All circuit's are busy try your call again later"  
      A few minutes later during a press conference you find out that the city had shut down cell phone service for 8 miles around downtown to help quell the riot's. You and your family live within the 8 mile range. You worry that your message didn't get through and you fear the worst as you watch the live news  reports from your desk computer. 
      What do you do next? 
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    • Volunteers on the Air Operating Event ... W1AW/4
      Operators needed to use the W1AW/4 Callsign during VA VOTA Week, March 15 - 21
      You can also operate as W1AW/4 during the VA QSO Party, March 18-19
      Attention VA club members:
      Our Virginia section has been selected by ARRL to operate the W1AW/4 callsign during the Virginia week of the Volunteers on the Air (VOTA) program and our VA QSO Party. VOTA is a year-long event to honor all the volunteers of Amateur Radio from ARRL staff to VEs and QSL Bureau card sorters. Hams contacting a W1AW/4 station or volunteer can earn points towards certificates and ranking at the end of the year. The Virginia VOTA week is being hosted by the Sterling Park ARC.

      You can operate Phone, CW and Digital modes on all bands except WARC bands. W1AW/4 operators must use a computer logging program that can export an ADIF file such as N1MM+ or similar and upload the file using an upload utility provided by ARRL. Questions? Contact Evan, KM4SK at sterlingparkradio@gmail.com. For complete information about VOTA operating and FAQs, go to vota.arrl.org

      Sign up now to operate W1AW/4 during VAQP and VOTA using the link below. The link takes you to the online Google Sheet Sign-up form. Operate for an hour or as many as you wish.
      Evan Mann, KM4SK
      Sterling Park ARC

      W1AW/4 runs from Wed., March 15th to Tues., March 21st (including the VA QSO Party March 18-19)

      W1AW/4 VOTA event begins
      0000 UTC March 15, 2023 and ends
      2359 UTC March 21. 2023

      Use the following link to sign up:

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    • Basic Hand Soldering: The Proper Tools and Methods
      The Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) will hold its in-person club meeting on February 1, 2023 from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Eastern Loudoun Sheriff's Station meeting room. Join local amateur radio operators learning about ham radio. This month: “Basic Hand Soldering: The Proper Tools and Methods,” presented by Ron Payne, WA6YOU.

      Website: https://www.qsl.net/sterling
      Email for information: sterlingparkradio@gmail.com
      Contact or support URL: https://www.qsl.net/sterling
      Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor
      Cost: free
      Regularity: One-off
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    • It's Ham Radio
      Hello, this is VU3HZW (Saquib Ahmed).  After pondering over the thought of creating a new amateur radio news website, I discovered there isn’t any regular, in fact, proper ham radio website/blog from India or in fact from any South Asian Country!

      Here’s the story:
      We intend to publish regular amateur radio articles of interest for South Asian Countries.
      Extreme Home Brewing – Techniques (Jugaad)
      Promoting Amateur Radio Clubs Everywhere
      Debunking Myths
      I will keep updating this page as we progress!
      Saquib – VU3HZW
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    • VWS Winterfest 2023
      Vienna Wireless Society’s 47th WINTERFEST matches Hams, Makers and Electronic Enthusiasts with Vendors on Sunday, March 19th,2023 for a traditional Hamfest
      Location: New Venue:  Oakton High School, 2900 Sutton Road, Vienna Virginia, 22181
      Operating Hours:  Tailgating: Opens at 7am ~ Indoor Market Fair: Opens at 8am ~ WINTERFEST Closes at 2pm
      Talk-in:  K4HTA 146.685 MHz repeater (Neg offset, CTCSS 110.9 Hz) 
      Attendance Ticket:  $10 attendance tickets may be purchased online.   Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $15.  The price of the ticket includes one raffle ticket
      Raffle:  New Amateur Radio equipment will be raffled after the event.  You do not need to be present to win.  Winners will be notified by email.  Each paid attendee receives one free raffle ticket; additional raffle tickets may be purchased for $10 each.  Not planning to attend WINTERFEST?  Purchase raffle tickets online for $10 each, plus a service fee.  Online ticket sales open on February 1, 2023
      Vendor Prices: Tailgating: $20 for first parking space; $10 for each additional space. Price includes one admission ticket.  Indoor Market Fair Vendors:  $20 per 8 foot table, and $15 per 6 foot table, plus $10 for each admission ticket (if tables purchased prior to February 1, 2023)
      Return to this website for updates.  Questions or comments?  Contact Winterfest2023@viennawireless.net
      Disclaimer: Fairfax County Public Schools do not sponsor or endorse this event.  Please note attendance requires following all FCPS policies and notices. See here 
      Email for information: Winterfest2023@viennawireless.net
      Contact or support URL:
      Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor,Outdoor
      Rain or shine?: Rain or shine
      Cost: $10 online, $15 at the door - includes raffle ticket
      Ham Community attending?: We will be exhibiting,We will exhibit indoors
      Regularity: Regularly / Ongoing
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    • Homogeneity
      With absolute respect for the ARRL and a very dear friend and member of Ham Community who happens to be front and center in that image, and without any judgement whatsoever, I ask myself: "what is wrong with this picture?"

      Is it just me or are we reinforcing the message that to be an amateur radio operator you have to look like 'me'. I look like I fit in that picture; I just wish I did not look like 95.65% of those in the image. I would hope that in years to come, the diversity and youth bugs bite us, because if they don't...

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    • Five quick rope questions :)
      At Mastrant we pride ourselves on the importance of knowledge. Letting people know the advantages of ropes, for instance over cables, matters to us. So, let's begin the journey with a simple Quiz. And, if you get it right, we'll give you a chance to win a gift certificate. And, even if you don't win, you get to learn a little something. 🤩

      Note that we make it really easy for you. Yes, you have to score 100% on the quiz, but guess what, you can retake it as many times as necessary.

      Mastrant, The Guying Experts
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    • Useful video guides
      Useful video guides: how to use Mastrant products properly; how to cut Mastrant ropes; how to terminate Mastrant rope, etc.
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