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  1. Heathkit SB-102 which I built many years ago back in the '70s. I was surprised that they used RCA jacks for everything including RF out. I replaced all of them except the RF out with BNC connectors. The RF out was replaced with an N connector. Also, the balance pot seemed to react to the cover being closed. This was very annoying. So I replaced the 200 ohm pot with a 10 turn 100 ohm pot between two 50 ohm fixed resistors. With that I could null out the carrier to absolutely nothing. Also, the internal coax cables had three or four very thin strands of wire for the shield connection, which didn
  2. Assuming the stipulation of spending it on ham gear, I would find out how much antenna I could buy for $10,000. My problem would be the size of my lot. Assuming that a tower would need to be small enough that if it fell it would remain within my property lines. Since my lot is only 80 feet wide, the whole assembly need to be no more than 40 feet to the absolute top of the array. Perhaps I'd spend $2,500 on that 80-20meter loop that DXEngineering has. If it knocks the noise level down it would be a big improvement.
  3. Considering that Straight Key Night starts at 0000 GMT, which makes begins 2021, but we are several hours behind making our start time still 2020, would this past Straight Key Night be considered SKN 2020 or SKN 2021?
  4. Welcome, Scott. Hope to talk with you on the air.
  5. The frequency has been change to 3.535 at 7:30AM Eastern time on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If there is a contest on causing QRM on 3.535, we hold the RT on 3.565.
  6. Lido makes a gooseneck mount that uses the seat bolt. I think your problem will be attaching the HT.
  7. I saw this on QRZ.com. It discusses tents, sleeping bags (including one for your dog - he's at or above the arctic circle), stoves, cooking stuff. He does not discuss radios, but I did check out his radio, which is really interesting. https://youtu.be/xhBX-fRZw7w Radio video at: https://youtu.be/O9_EPONtwXA
  8. Next year I'm going back to my old setup. This is workable, but...
  9. Tried something new. The video was just an impulse at the last minute. Elecraft K1 with 9AHr battery, Navy Flameproof key, 77 ft random end fed with 14ft counterpoise - near end is about 10 ft up, center is 18 ft up and far end is about 4 ft up. 30 contacts. Since the video was a very hasty afterthought, I had to steal the audio track from https://youtu.be/J5JKCPoZGKs.
  10. Actually, it's a prototype for IED resistant vehicles currently being used in the Sandbox. It was built by Blackwater (you know - the military contractors).
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