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  1. When I got the Tokyo Hy-Power solid state amp, I had a 240volt line installed for it. This week we had some electrical work done, including installing a new breaker box in the basement. Some of the work required that I remove the radio equipment from the operating desk so it could be moved to allow access to some of the outlets behind it. (not the 240 line). Last night I reassembled the station and gave it a try. INSTANT amplifier shutdown due to overdrive condition. I had to lower the transceiver output power to about 5 volts to prevent this from occurring, which resulted in an amplifier output of less than 50 watts. After checking connections and referring to the owners manual for a few hours I had an idea. Inside the amplifier, there are various combinations of transformer connections for 110/120/130 and 220/230/240 AC supply voltages. Thinking that perhaps I had the transformer connected for 220 and now had 240 at the wall, I whipped out the handy volt meter to check the wall socket. What I found was that I had 120 at my 240 volt outlet. I flipped the amp over and moved the switch to the 120 volt position and found that the trouble had gone away. Very Interesting.
  2. Just checked (roughly) on Google Maps the distance between the observatory and the train terminal in Durbin, WV. It looks like less than 10 miles. Don't know where the drop off point for the caboose will be. Will call them tomorrow.
  3. Just received a reply from the observatory people wanting to know a more exact location of operation. I will contact the railway to see if I can get a more exact location of the drop off points. Gee. I feel like a fish that has been eyeing up what looks to be a tasty insect on the surface when the fisherman on the other end of the line gives it a twitch.
  4. Good thoughts, Jim, but I think the reason I'm so willing to throw in the towel is my reservations about leaving my wife alone while I'm in a cell phone dead zone with no immediate way back. So I'm just gonna operate from my usual Field Day location. (But it would have made such a cool video 😞 )
  5. I expect they didn't but I still think it would be cool. Kinda like the small-of-back carry practiced by the HQ receptionists in the old Man From U.N.C.L.E. tv series.
  6. Early last week I sent off an eMail to the observatory to find out how to get permission to operate in the quiet zone. Haven't heard back so I'm throwing in the towel on this project.
  7. No, not that kind of cannon. I was watching my video and happened to have Pachelbel's Canon in D Major playing and wondered how the vid would be if that was included in the sound track.
  8. It may not be a total bust. I saw something about operating QRP with directional antennas. I have eMailed the ARRL requesting clarification but have not heard anything back from them.
  9. Well, this may be a problem. Seems like this place is well within a national radio quiet zone. Here is an ARRL link to an article about it. Unfortunately, vital details about operating within the zone are sparse.
  10. "Antennas by Eimac" refers to using a high power amplifier. Eimac made high power vacuum tubes.
  11. WA2WMR

    Antenna mast

    I cleaned grout with a toothbrush.
  12. We drove through here on our way from Las Vegas (saw Piff The Magic Dragon - hilarious) to the Glamping site.
  13. No wonder it took so long to process my photos; you were QRMing me.
  14. Thank you. Just added link to posted pix on flickr. Any thoughts on cleaning up the garbage around the sun on the sunrise shot near end? Was up 'til about 2:30 this morning processing these. I think I busted my connection between Lightroom and Topaz Sharpen AI.
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