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$50 for first 3 years
$45/3 years renewal

Believe it or not, we are not encouraging you to become an ION Member. To this end, we have spent considerable effort making sure that all members can have a maximum Ham Community experience for free! This said, operating Ham Community is cost-intensive and so we have decided to offer two ways members can help. The first is right here, by becoming an ION Member.  Will you get something extra? Yes you will! Will it be extraordinary, not really – talk about a bad sales pitch! You will have the ability to do things that other members cannot. You will create private photo albums, upload more, have access to some unique parts of the site. We could give you a full listing, but that would not be enough to convince. Instead, let's just say that, for now, being an ION Member is your way of supporting this community.

Nonetheless, we do plan to roll out some goodies in the near future and, yes, absolutely, ION Members will be the first to enjoy those perks, both online and offline.

So, will you become an ION Member? The membership is triennial - $50 for a three year membership. It then renews at a discounted price of $45 for every three years. Sorry, but who wants to be bothered with renewing something every single year? Not us!


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