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    Dear event organizers and club leaders, if you need a speaker, this is where you come to list your need - we call it a Speaking opportunity. By clicking on the 'New speaking opportunity' button below, you can fill out the details of the type of talk you are looking for, whether it's virtual or in person, how long you would like it to last, and much more.

    As for speakers, this is where you come to apply to be a speaker at a talk. If you see an opportunity that you feel you could talk about, go to it and apply! Note that you may not be the only applicant. Ultimately, the organizer will decide on who is the best match for this opportunity. Of course, they may want to keep you on file for a future opportunity.

    As for speakers who already have a talk that they would like to make available to clubs, click here

Speaking Opportunities

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  1. The joys of amateur radio

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  1. In person

    These are speaking opportunities to be given in-person at the location given in the listing. Note that in some cases, in person talks are streamed online or recorded for future use.

  2. Virtual

    These are speaking opportunities that are expected to be given virtually from a home or other location, via Zoom or other virtual platform. The speaker is not expected to attend the event in person.

  3. Recorded talks

    On rare occasions, such as large online conferences, organizers need pre-recorded presentations/talks. Listings here are for speaking opportunities that will be pre-recorded for later broadcast. These opportunities are not for virtual meetings that are recorded; those should be entered in the Virtual category.

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