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About This Club

Welcome to the Marine Corps Marathon. This club space is reserved for all those who actively volunteer as amateur radio operators for the Marathon.

ARRL / RAC Affiliation

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Great summary. Looking forward to next year's MCM. And thanks for the opportunity to serve.
  3. The 2023 After Action report summary has been uploaded to the files section.
  4. The After Action Report Summary has been upload to the files section. @W4FSO
  5. Version 1.0.0


    The 2023 After Action Report Summary of the input received for after action reports from the MCM ARO volunteers and leadership team.
  6. It has not. I was sent out of the country for work that slowed my progress. I will be finishing the AAR summary for Ham Community tomorrow.
  7. Has the AAR been posted yet? Happy Thanksgiving! 73 de John W4FSO
  8. Not my flashlights. Thank you for checking though!
  9. @KC3KZ, @KC2EFA, @KB3VBU please see above. Are these yours?
  10. Good morning; I have two flashlights that were left at MCM HAM Check-In. I believe they belong to KC3KZ (Kevin), KC2EFA (Rich), or KB3VBU (Dan). If they are yours, please text me at 202-437-2428 and I can find a way to get them to you! 73, Bill
  11. K3MRI

    MCM 2023

    Post all your MCM 2023 photos here! Everyone can see these images but only MCM Volunteer Club members can upload.
  12. MCM 2023 Update #6 - After Action 2023 MCM Amateur Radio Volunteers, Thank you for helping to make the 2023 Marine Corps Marathon a success! Without your dedication and support we would not have been able to complete our mission to the Marine Corps. We had ±100 amateur radio operators spread across the 26.4 miles of the racecourse. Your timely and professional communications were essential to race operations and the safety of the runners and spectators. This was a difficult year. There were a number of significant medical events experienced during the race. As you may have observed the DC and Arlington Gauntlet were exercised early. This was due to the higher than expected humidity, large number of medical issues being seen, and most importantly for the runner's safety. Your information and timely reporting made a difference. I know at times response was delayed. This has been noted, but your actions were still important and were necessary for the safety of the runners. Regarding your feedback, even if I say things were noted, we need to hear it from you first hand. What went right, what went wrong, and how can things be improved. We need for you to provide us and the MCM with feedback through your After-Action Report. The AAR form is available at https://hamvolunteers.com/mcm2023aar from now until this Saturday, November 4 at 2359 EST. My intent is to provide a summary of the AARs back to you by Thanksgiving. Your reports will make a difference. If you did not turn your vest into the ARO in the rear pace convoy or to an aid station please mail it back to the MCMO at: MARINE CORPS MARATHON 
QUANTICO VA 22134-5135 I look forward to working with all of you again next year. 
73 and, again, thank you for volunteering for the Marine Corps Marathon! Scott - KN4RPA
  13. Everyone should have gotten their email this morning. I once again wanted to personally thank everyone who volunteered to help with this year's Marine Corps Marathon. Without your help we couldn't have done it. I look forward to working with all of you again next year. Please remember to submit you After Action Reports by this Saturday, November 4th, at 2359 EST at https://hamvolunteers.com/mcm2023aar. Your AAR are critical to us and the MCM Office to make things better and to know what went well. Once again, THANK YOU! 73's, Scott - KN4RPA
  14. A correction to the directions for the Check-In lot from I-395N in the Operating Guide. There were some extra steps that are not necessary. Once you come off I-395N you will be able to make a right turn onto Army Navy Dr and then a right turn into the Check-In parking lot. None of the extra directions are necessary any more. Thanks to KN4SYO for pointing this out.
  15. Mark, I'm emailing you the full unredacted list of OIC for the course that Shellly sent me. It has OICs for AS 2/3.
  16. I do not see an OIC listed for AS 2/3. I'm going to send an email to the OICs regarding the medical tracking arrangement for this year. For AS 2/3 I will contact the senior-most enlisted person. Hams normally staff MED DELTA and ECHO. I do not see OICs listed for any of the MED stations (ALPHA-ECHO). 73, Mark WA4KFZ
  17. As of this point any changes in assignments will not be reflected on Ham Community. We are now in tactical mode. I'm managing everything with local spreadsheets. Changes will be handled directly with individuals affected by the change.
  18. You should already have your parking pass in your email. If you don’t email KN4RPA@arrl.com or call Scott at +1 (520) 462-6426
  19. I received it by email on 10/21 from Charles Harr, if that helps. maybe check junk or spam folder?
  20. A couple of more items: Any issues contact me directly. Please don't put in a ticket through Ham Community. It just slows down the process. Message me directly though Ham Community, email me at kn4rpa@arrl.net, or call/text the ROC phone number 520-462-6426. As of 1200 Saturday please just use the ROC phone number. Check-in opens at 0200 Sunday morning and closes promptly at 0500. Please do not ask for a different size shirt that what you requested in your Marine Corp Marathon sign-up. Those were the sized packed by the MCMO. Taking a different size will take someone else's shirt. Please make sure you turn in your vest to the amateur radio operator in the sweep convoy. If you miss the amateur radio operator you second choice is to turn your vest into an aid station. You third and final choice is to mail you vest back to the Marine Corps Marathon Office at: MARINE CORPS MARATHON 3399 RUSSELL RD QUANTICO VA 22134-5135 I know last year was a mess with the vests but the MCMO got less than 30% of the vests back. If you miss the sweep vehicle, and don't turn it into an aid station, please make sure you send it back to the MCMO. Current weather forecast has it in the upper 60's when we start to arrive. There is a slight chance of rain and a drop in temperature to the low to mid 60's at the start of the race. By noon temperatures will approach the low 70's and continue to climb to the mid 70's through the end of the race.
  21. @KU4CG Parking passes were sent out Saturday night from Harr CIV Charles W • Charles.Harr@usmc-mccs.org. Please check your spam folder. If you don't have it email or call me ASAP.
  22. When should I expect to get the parking pass. I thought I read it would be emailed 72 hours before event.
  23. When should I expect to get the parking pass. I thought I read 72 hours before the event.
  24. MCM 2023 Update #5 We are down to the wire. We had a great All-Hands Training this past Saturday. There was good in-person and Zoom attendance. We had great questions and interactions. The Zoom meeting was recorded and can be viewed by those who missed the training or just want to review it. See the link below. The brief has also been posted to the files section on Ham Community. Also, in response to questions at the meeting and something I had planned to do anyway, PDF maps and a Google Earth KMZ file for all races have been posted. Assignments have been posted to Ham Volunteers at https://hamcommunity.com/hamvolunteers/opportunity/11-mcm-2023/.On Sunday, check-in opens at 0200 and closes promptly at 0500. Everyone must check-in (with the exception of net control personnel). At check in you will get your wristband, MCM ARO vest, t-shirt, and food. The MCMO will be providing a Bagel, granola bar, cliff bar, Otis muffin, piece of fruit, sunnyD or juice, GoGurt, and PBJ for dipping for breakfast and an MRE for lunch. If you have dietary restrictions or these don’t appeal to you, be prepared to bring your own food. Last minute assignment changes as necessary to fill critical holes due to “no shows” at check-in will start no later than 0515. We will attempt to contact those being relocated no later than 0615. The goal would be to only move you ≤1 mile if you would be reassigned. As of now, please call or text the Race Operation Center (ROC) phone number – 520-462-6426 – with any critical issues such as needing to drop. Any routine issues can be handled via email or Ham Community. After 1200 on Saturday please direct all issues to the ROC phone number until the Race Nets open. I will most likely not be checking email or Ham Community after that point. Feel free to reach out to me via the MCM Ham Volunteers Club or via email (kn4rpa@arrl.net) with any questions or concerns. 73 and, again, thank you for volunteering for the Marine Corps Marathon! Scott - KN4RPA Zoom meeting recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/8uXsMn61z1d3AD4XrK14GpbIlj5zQoOElii6R-c_GmX173H0LDYpA0vVogzqVvS1.h6vCHhrhlw3mHfzi Passcode: &v4T0CF7
  25. Reminder to think about the After Action Report during your deployment. This is the link to the form. It will be active between this Sunday at 10AM and Saturday night at 2023-11-04 23:59 - it closes automatically then. The link: https://hamvolunteers.com/mcm2023aar
  26. Just finished up the Commanders Brief. We are all go for this year's Marine Corps Marathon. A few take aways from the briefings. Expect normal than warmer temperatures at this year's race. Make sure you bring plenty of water for yourself. Also expect a higher than usual number of heat related issues with runners. Volunteers are not exempt from heat related issues, so please watch out for yourself and those around you. The Staff Sergeant discussed the four A's, Accountability, Attitude, Appearance and Alertness. While he was talking directly to the Marines and attendance, those four A's apply to us also. Make sure we are accountable for all of our gear and for those around us. Make sure we have the proper attitude and treat everybody with kindness and respect. Make sure our appearance is professional. Finally, be alert to your surroundings. If you see something, say something.

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