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What if 146.52 MHz became a very active national travel frequency? Would that be helpful? Would that be fun? Would that keep us company on long drives? The truth is that, unlike CBers, amateur radio operators do not really use their radios extensively while on the nation's highways.
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  2. Ham Community has launched the 14652 Pledge Project. We believe that amateur radio operators should be encouraged to actively use 146.52 MHz while driving the nation's routes and highways. CBers have Channel 19, we should have 146.52. If you agree, we invite you to sign this pledge.
  3. As per a contest rule change by the ARRL, 146.52 is now authorized for contesting. What if I need to call out an emergency and the channel is full of users. Sure, I can call a break-break-break, but only if there isn't a pile-up. Regardless, it's the principle. Clearly, the ARRL does not see 146.52 as a public service frequency that should be prioritized for: Calling out for an emergency Calling out for simplex listeners before QSY to another frequency Or, as we propose to use it, as an on-road travel frequency with the understanding that we should keep our transmissions shorter rather than longer and leave breaks in between to allow for emergency traffic. Here is the ARRL rule change: https://www.arrl.org/news/use-of-146-52-mhz-fm-simplex-frequency-cleared-for-arrl-contests I quote the article below:


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