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These Guidelines aim to be easy to understand and widely applicable to most actions on Ham Community. These Guidelines are not meant to be oppressive, rather focusing on the most commonly shared positive principles that we believe are critical for setting a foundation in a community, to enable it to thrive.

Keep it civil a.k.a. do not be a nuissance, we have zero tolerance for insults, demeaning statements, racial, religious or political discord, or any conversation that would not normally be understood as civil, friendly and collaborative in nature.

If you want to criticize, that's fine, but we only criticize ideas, not people.
 So, remember we do not accept:

  • name-calling
  • aggressive language
  • putting someone down
  • responding to a post’s content when you have not taken the time to understand the details of what is being discussed - if you have not read the book, you cannot say it's a bad book.

Comments that we find to be hateful, inflammatory, or harassing will be removed immediately. If you do not have something nice to say about another user, don't say it. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Expect this policy to be enforced.

One-strike policy

After a comment, post, question, image or other content has been removed because it was deemed inappropriate, an administrator will reach out to discuss the matter with the member. If there is valid explanation, it may be re-published. If there is not, that will constitute the member's last warning.

If the member repeats an offense, that member will be removed from Ham Community.

Always strive to add value to every interaction and discussion you participate in

Every hour, there are many discussions that happen on Ham Community. Before joining a discussion, read it in its entirety; why repeat something that was already mentioned or even discussed? And when you’re new to the community, browse some of the most recent and active discussions to get a feel for the tone. Do the same thing you would do on the air. First we listen, then we join in.
If you are not sure your post adds to the conversation, don't post. Wait until you have a better response and then come back to post later.

Keep it tidy

Help make moderators’ lives easier by taking a moment to ensure that what you’re about to post is in the right place and formatted properly. That means:

  • do not post off-topic comments or discussions: check the section you are about to post in, to find the appropriate forum or thread for your discussion
  • do not cross-post the same thing multiple times
  • check if another active discussion on your topic has already been posted
  • avoid 'bumping' topics

If you feel that there is no proper place to post your comment, then tell us. Submit a support request here.

If you see something, say something

Community Moderators and Administrators are at the forefront of combatting spam, mediating disputes and enforcing community guidelines; you are too! 
If you see an issue, contact the moderators, or 'report' the content for review. If you believe someone has violated these Guidelines, report it to Ham Community directly. Your reporting will remain anonymous and will help us keep this Community thriving for many years to come.

No self-promotion, almost

A discussion or comment that contains only a link to your blog, a product, or your article on another site will almost always be removed. We allow for self-promotion but it should be a comprehensive description of a project or service that is genuinely yours and benefits the Community, or at least a large segment of the Community. For example, if you wrote a book, we want to hear about it. If you conceived a new antenna and are selling kits, sure, go ahead.

Self-promotion must only be posted in the self-promotion forum.

No cursing, none

Comments that contain profanity are sought and held for moderator review. Those that are missed are usually either reported or found by a member. Think of us as fox hunters… we’ll find you. Depending on the context of the comment, it may lead to the one-strike warning.

Again, don’t be confrontational

We repeat, personal attacks and harassment will not be tolerated. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed – NOT ALLOWED. Comments or discussions written intentionally to provoke will also be removed. There are plenty of places on the internet to do this, Ham Community is not one of them.

Don’t copy and paste

If you didn’t write it, you cannot simply post it. And very important, if you do not own the copyright to an image, you cannot post it. We respect copyright laws. This is not negotiable. The solution is: if someone else wrote it, took the shot, or otherwise created it and you feel you can use it based on 'fair use' then make sure you cite the person's name and/or the source with a link back. But again, that does not mean you can use anything as long as you cite it. Use it if it is legal to do so. It is your responsibility to find out.

English mostly

Ham Community was conceived to serve amateur radio operators from all over the world. We encourage international discussions. Admittedly, English remains the principal language of this online forum. As such, when possible, we encourage its members to write in English. When relevant or not possible, any language is acceptable. This said, should our translation software pick up any exchanges that violate the Ham Community guidelines, the user will be immediately warned and subject to the one-strike rule - No exceptions.

Members posting in international country forums are welcome post in their mother tongue.

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