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  1. Hey Dave, Welcome to the community! Mitch - AE2A
  2. Hey! Welcome to the community! Mitch - AE2A
  3. AE2A

    Chaverim Net

    I try to join this net whenever I can but the recent lack of propagation has made it difficult. 40 meters ismy best band and my E-W double bazooka should be preferenced N-S direction but the recent low SFI numbers have been disappointing. Let's keep it up Joe!
  4. There are modes for every purpose and interest group! The PSK, Olivia and other "Sound Card" modes have not gone away. Newer modes are probing the limits of technology and HF radio. With the advent of the personal computer came along a whole new range of possibilities. The WSJT-X modes only serve to put more "tools" into you HF toolkit. Some of these are purely experimental modes (WSPR), and some serve to provide QSOs where voice communication is not possible (the "FT" modes). No one mode is perfect for all communications and the enjoyment of Ham Radio is enhanced by the now wide choice o
  5. You need to look at your available bandwidth for connecting to the digital network of your choice. DMR does require about double the throughput bandwidth of D-STAR due to the inherent coding (DMR is a ~9600 baud throughput while D-STAR is about 4800 baud). Fusion is dependent on the mode you are using and can vary. Fusion has become popular because Yaesu seeded the market with low cost repeaters and many clubs jumped on the bandwagon hoping to replace agin repeaters at a bargain price. The initial entry into the Fusion environment had its startup problems and now after a few years of operation
  6. Hey Ham Community, this is an automated post on behalf of our new member: AE2A, On behalf of Ham Community, let's give AE2A a warm welcome. AE2A, we encourage you to browse around and get to know the Community's many sections. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, as with all things HAM, we all love to give advice 😎 For everyone's information, AE2A joined on the 02/09/20; this is their profile: View Member.
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