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Neat lightning protection


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Haha I like it! The linear actuator is installed very nicely. What type of connectors are those? I would hate to imagine they are RCA plugs.. the only quick disconnect RF connectors I can think of off the top of my head are MMC which are small. 

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love it.

maybe a arc guard? just a bent flap of plastic, folds over when the plate moves to connect. flips up what the connectors are pulled back.

lucky for me i do not live where lighting is a problem. but if i had that many coax's to connect. this would be great insurance.

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I would have installed the lightning arresters outside the house attached directly to a Grounding Electrode of some sort, such as the top of a ground rod, or through a grounding window of copper or aluminum on the exterior of the house. It is always better to have the arrestors as close to the Grounding Electrode System as possible and keep the Grounding Electrode Conductor as straight as possible. Any bend in the GEC should have as long a radius as practical. The stationary connectors could be mounted through a piece of aluminum angle iron using short barrel connectors.

But then my time installing remote communications shelters from Tierra Del Fuego to Alaska made me a grounding fanatic. Our number one rule was to do everything practical to keep any form of stray energy out of the shelter.

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