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Non-Local 911

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Several months after Frank (AA4ZS) had passed, I was in a CW QSO with a station in Colorado. In the middle of his transmission, he went key down. At first I figured he had to retune or something, but after a minute or so and remembering how Frank had passed shortly after our SS CW Roundtable QSO, I became concerned. After another minute I looked him up on QRZ and then the Whitepages.com and called him. He had fallen asleep at the key. No problem. We continued our QSO.

However, afterward, I wondered, if he had not answered the phone, how would I call 911 for a town in Colorado. Does anyone have any idea of how to make a 911 call to some non-local area?

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Unfortunately Lind, to the best of my knowledge, the 911 system is NOT interconnected. The only way is to look up the local law enforcement agency - there - and call them, and hope they will answer. Of course in today's non-411 world (yes, knowing what 411 is dates us) you're left with the Internet. Just for fun, I just tried to look up the police department number in four small towns across the country, and all four departments, with addresses and telephone numbers immediately came up on Google. Interestingly, in one case, there was no local PD, but Google managed to find the closest station, 20 miles away, with no problem.

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