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  1. Fixed. All you have to do is paste the page link of the video and it embeds it automatically. I second Lind... WOW. I further second him on the hand position 🤔 @KT4OBX I have a question. How many work hours to build it?
  2. I'd be up for a few days, frankly. Also, I think this is one where Maria would actually join in. Ideally, we could have gone up some time in 2021 for a test run, but they're fully booked. Regardless, maybe we can still visit? To be considered. Is this a COTA - Caboose on the air?
  3. Sorry for the laugh emoji, but seeing a scuba spring being used for a CW key just brought a big smile to my face. Reminds me of all the times I've been deployed where you use a pencil as a... {multiple choice}. Looking good Anthony. Now, of course, the ultimate test will be the fist but I am certain you will shine there also. Truly impressive work. Continue!! BTW, not that you want to, but these could sell for a pretty penny!
  4. Wow! That would be amazing. As for power: solar + batteries. The challenge is finding enough for space antennas.But I will say this, I could be convinced to do this.
  5. I quote a fellow ham: In short, yes, a radio must be certified for a given set of frequencies. I have not looked up the particular Baofeng but in all likelihood, it was only certified for ham bands. As for operating on ham bands while at sea, obviously, no issue there. Caveat: in case of an emergency, you can use any equipment, any frequency, whether the person is licensed or not, whether the equipment is certified or not. Not only is that the right thing to do, it's legal. All FCC parts, including 97, make it so.
  6. As many of you know, Ham Census has been gathering impressions from operators... what do we think about various aspects of the hobby. More importantly, being solutions-oriented, Ham Census asks them to send a message to various constituencies, among them, other hams. One operator said this: I would therefore like to both start a mini poll here and a discussion around civility in amateur radio. Also, if you believe there is a lack of civility, how do we improve things?
  7. Welcome aboard Ronald. Glad you chose to register. We're almost neighbors... 11 miles separate us 😎
  8. Better. Sounds crazy, but now try rotating 180º. I’d be curious to see if there is a marked difference when the spider is right-side up.
  9. Closing this topic. Moved the key work to its own thread; it deserves it 💪 Moved it here:
  10. Stop it, I can't take it anymore 😍 Great workmanship Anthony. Impressive. I think @WA2WMR will like it even more than I.
  11. No promises, but this summer, because Maria is away for several weeks, I'll try and take the car out and get on the RT. Note that I am entirely revamping the car setup to be able to CW from the car.
  12. I see your spider and raise you a bee.
  13. Anthony, you're building your own key? RESPECT! I can't wait to see the finished product, and more importantly to hear it. Now I'm embarrassed, I just 'bought' a new one recently... I feel so lazy now 😬
  14. Oops. My bad. I defer to the Master @WA2WMR - Help us out oh grand pubah. Thanks Lind!! @KT4OBX, you're in great CW hands with Lind!!!!!
  15. K3MRI

    Operating in the field

    I did, actually. Once! Not twice! 😬
  16. Loving where this is going. We need to think and talk this over and then see if there would be a viable funding opportunity and implementation roadmap. Will revert with more thoughts. As for the fire in the hole...😎
  17. This was actually a 'test' setup prior to my motorcycle trip to the Arctic Ocean. As you can see, I was testing my electric fence to, hopefully, keep grizzly and polar bears at bay (it works). Behind the tent you can see the mast for my antenna and right next to me is the battery pack / radio combo. All this, and the tent, on the bike you see in the 'garage'!
  18. First of all, congrats for diving into CW. Excellent news. As for error: eight dots! ........ This said, I learnt from my dad that any loooooong string of dots is a mistake advisement. So whether it's 8 or 12, don't worry too much about it. My only advice is give yourself a mini break after the error correction. Also, my own habit is to start off slow after the correction notice so as to give the receiving operator a chance to find his/her place. Again, good on you for diving in!!
  19. @W3TDH I actually really like this approach Tom, it's innovative. If I understand you correctly, the role of hams could be to deploy a base of operations, ideally with both fm repeater in tow and some hf (nvis I would assume) capability, just outside the perimeter of a disaster. This would then allow any willing hams to join that staging area, physically if desired, but be on standby for client activation. I like it. My only caveat is the island scenario, though even there, where there is an island in distress, there is likely a nearby island that was spared. If this was your intent, I re
  20. I stand humbly corrected. Indeed, Gerke, too often overlooked 😇
  21. Hey Anthony. First a link to a book I love: http://www.arrl.org/shop/Antenna-Physics-An-Introduction-2nd-Edition/ There are hundreds of books on antennas but what I love about this one is that it approaches it from the purest physics standpoint. Now for the answer(s). Option 1: I bore you with the physics of electrical length, impedance, etc. all the things that 'generate' the wave or signal from the antenna. Option 2: I use the metaphor my dad used when I asked him the same question in ±when I was was having my crisis transition from Fruit Loops to Captain Crunch
  22. PERFECTION MASTER LIND!!! I love it when my young Padawans become Jedi Masters!
  23. K3MRI


    So, first off, I like the explanation. Well done and appreciated. However, now we need a command decision. I'm preparing something really nice for Ham Community and this QRI question needs a decision. We agree that no one in his right mind would respond to a QRI with 1-2-3? Right? I wouldn't. I would instinctively use a scale of 9. However, if anyone looks up a QRI definition, for now they'll find 1-2-3. So, do we change the world, or just lazily drift along in the raft of habit?
  24. It's a conspiracy 🙄 Years ago, Goo Gone made a deal with 3M. Make your velcro adhesive max-disgusting and we'll swoop in. Obviously I jest, but yes Anthony, I agree, velcro goo is the worst. I'll try to remember to take some photos today, but I have the heads of my Icom 5100 and Yaesu 891 mounted on the end of a flexible goose neck that attaches to the front left bolt of the passenger seat rail. Maria occasionally bumps into the setup but overall it's clean and holds well. Again, will try to post a photo or video later today.
  25. Version 1.0.0


    A well produced map (ICOM) showing both the ITU and the CQ DX Zones of the world.
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