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  1. Hey Lind. What's bizarre is that the 240v outlet went to 120v. Is it just that outlet or did all of your 240 go away. Also funny because this very morning, Maria and I were having a conversation, on a different topic, and the 110/220 discussion was a part of it πŸ€”
  2. Thanks Ron, excellent suggestions. We tried 1 & 2 but had people complaining that they would rather wait the ten or so seconds and then just see them all at once. Not really sure which is best but technically, this approach is easier so I think I'll leave it stet. But worthy suggestions; thanks. Regarding 3, that's a good thought. I'll see how I can work it in at the end of the year when I redo the results page (redoing because I'll be including an annual summary). Thanks so so much for taking it. Really appreciate it. Jim
  3. Hi. Welcome to Ham Community. I really have no idea short of contacting the Motorola Solutions people here: https://www.motorolasolutions.com but I'm sure you already knew that. Sorry I can't be of more help...
  4. Welcome Larry. Great to have you on board.
  5. Shame, it would have been quite cool; a unique experience, regardless of performance. Here's one for you... imagine if we could put a barge in the Chesapeake... hmm. Salt water, open space... Short of that, for our region, I really think that the southern part (more saline) of the Eastern Shore on the Chesapeake is what would work best. We need to find someone with an acre by the water. Third option... I have an ace up my sleeve. I just have to call and see if they're still amenable to us being there. Only problem is that, while it is a very cool and saline option - putting up antennas will require some creativity. Will revert.
  6. Glad to see this thread is alive and well. It has also given me time to think about the original question: "Is it time to rename the hobby?" But before I get to that, I want to build on something @KG6TGU says above. He states: "ham radio will never be as big as it once was". Well, would that necessarily be a bad thing? Is, perhaps, quality better than quantity? I would rather have 500,000 active, interested and interesting hams than 1 million simply licensed ones. I think the challenge will be, if the numbers dwindle, to keep the manufacturers interested. As the pool of clients diminishes, so too will their ability to invest in product development. Although, I have read enough comments on ham census to know that many would prefer a slower development pipeline in favor of longevity. In short, I think there will be fewer of us going forward, the goal should therefore be less about growing the hobby and more about making it resilient and sustainable. Now back to the original question of name. It will only change if it happens organically over years. I don't see an institutionally driven one happening any time soon. The ARRL has too much invested in the name. The FCC doesn't care and won't do anything unless there is a tidal wave of influence. Who else? The ITU? Powerless to do so. IARU? That's just an extension of the ARRL. Other countries? Only Japan and Thailand have real sway in the hobby but I, frankly, can't speak to their feeling because it is unknown to me. In short, unless 'we' start to fawn over a new name, unless we suddenly discover a term that 'catches on' it won't happen. Of course, it would be fun to explore actual new name possibilities. This is not new, it has been done before, but no one has really made a serious attempt at finding and then lobbying for a change. So, if anyone wants to start the ball, go at it. What would you see as a name that fits our passion? Note that if we get to a critical mass or good names, I'll make it into a question on hamensus.org, maybe it'll pick up steam. I won't go first. Any takers?
  7. Rings a very very very very distant bell. I could not find a specific reference, but found this that rang another bell. Probably not the right one but heck... https://www.robkalmeijer.nl/techniek/electronica/radiotechniek/hambladen/qst/1955/11/page26/index.html And just for fun, I found a loop with coke cans... http://www.alexloop.com/artigo36.html Sorry I can't be more helpful Bill.
  8. Very nice. I like the music. Two ideas... One, try the whole video in B&W. Something tells me it might look far more impressive, especially considering your lighting that day was not favorable. Second thought, next time you shoot a stream, try to get a little bit of slow motion footage, works especially well with classical music. As always, wish I was there πŸ˜‰ Looks lovely.
  9. So, I'm personally in favor of these quiet zones. They serve a greater scientific purpose. On the flip side, those living there are getting fed up and want to be able to connect with the outside world. There are several legal battles ongoing. I have a different idea for FD now. I'll give it a bit more thought and revert.
  10. I'm going to try and find one for the RV. If I find an original I like and can afford, I'll get that. Otherwise, I'll go for replica. In either case, telling my wife that the expenditure is your fault 😎 Thanks again!! PS. I just had a flash back to my dad getting me to wind up that clock every day. I had completely forgotten about that. Oh, right, and shining it!!
  11. FINALLY, a true expert in the field. @W3ESX you could not be in better hands than @W3TDH. I cede πŸ˜‡
  12. This is really interesting. Okay, I want one 😎 I'll start scouring our local antique shops and fairs this winter!
  13. Wow!!!!!! What an absolutely fascinating bit of history. I truly had no idea about any of this. Thank you!
  14. My answer: βœŒοΈπŸ˜‡ Yes to almost all. I'm going to say that it seems like a good idea to connect the arrester directly to the panel with a double barrel (male-male) but I've never done it. I've always added a very very short run of cable, as in inches. Why you ask? My lame excuse is because that's how my dad did it but frankly, why inject another few points of db loss in the connectors. Just make sure your barrel is of high quality and remember that there will be, ever so little of course, but there will be a little bit of 90-degree strain on that connection; which is why, I'm guessing, my dad added the little bit of cable. In his case, it was always today's equivalent of hardline. Again, not sure that it's necessary. Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished project. PS. Yes, safe assumption that the outer part of the SO is grounded to the chassis but, being stupidly overzealous, a nice little ohmmeter moment and beep would never hurt. But yes, they're connected (he says).
  15. Here's my issue. A lightning arrester should be located as close as possible to the equipment that it is expected to protect. In large substations, for instance, arrestors are installed at take-off points of the lines and of the terminal apparatus. Also, it is good practice to have the arrester as close to the point of ingress of a coax into a building. Put those two together and being on the second floor, you have many good reasons to have the arrestors up high.
  16. Hi Jamison. Oooops. Hold on. First, great diagram. Would have been super helpful to better understand. My bad earlier. Wrong approach... Don't shoot 😎 First a question which I should have asked earlier: HF or VHF/UHF? Also, in case I missed it, what type of coax? I ask these two because of signal loss. Based on this diagram, and the fact that you are upstairs, that ground unit has to go up up up and you have to run your grounding wire from upstairs to the ground. This will give you multiple benefits including much less coax. I'll wait for your answer, but basically, I had not realized your shack was on the second floor. πŸ˜‡
  17. Brings back memories. My dad (a pilot) had a similar one. Never got the chance to ask him why it meant so much to him. Note: he hated water 🧐 Now my dumb question: do the red triangular markings have a function? Don't get me wrong, they look very very nice indeed, but do they serve a purpose? Second question... will you set it to Eastern Time or UTC 🀫??
  18. One Jim welcomes another! Welcome!! Jim
  19. Hi Victor. Thanks and the band plan is on its way today with a few extra goodies πŸ˜‰ Jim
  20. K3MRI


    First, let me say that I never met an NCO that was a cheap date. Just for the record. Will the RG-213 work? ABSOLUTELY. Will you even be able to tell the difference? Probably not. But here's the deal, I believe in building for the worst case scenario, not the best. On a perfect day, I can reach my repeater with my HT. On a bad day, I'm really happy I can squeeze out every last dB. Moral of the story, prepare for the worst, not the average. But I know you know this already. Last point, RG-213, though a great cable, is more sensitive to EMI and RFI. As far as UV. There you got me. 😱 I had not known that the 213 was better than the 8 family. I will say that I have a run of LMR 400 that has been sitting in our place in the North, outside, in 80-degree summers and -40-degree winters, and this for, don't quote me, but I believe close to a decade and it's still as good as new. Hope this helps!
  21. K3MRI


    First a sort of apology and explanation πŸ˜‡ We had created this Q&A section as a kind of escalation forum for questions that fit nowhere else and were 'tough' to answer. I'm seeing that it's more of a PITA than anything else. After I finish answering your question, I'll nuke the moderation and when I do come down to visit, the first three beers are on me 🍺🍺🍺 Now for the answer. One important piece of information missing... (which I am sure was in the longer lost version...) is the length. If it's a short run, say ten feet, then it's a non issue, either is fine. If it's longer, and especially when you get to UHF, then it matters. The RG213 has about 2.2 db loss for 100ft at 100 MHz and more than doubles at 400 MHz to 4.8 db loss. God forbid you go to 1000 MHz and then you're talking 8.2 DB loss. By and large, LMR 400 is about half that. So if you're talking about, in my books, over 50 feet, the LMR will make a definite difference, especially if you're only running 50W on VHF and 25W on UHF. If you're running amps up to legal power, then you'll feel less pain, of course. Also, the LMR400 has a solid core conductor with a double shield whereas the RG213 has a stranded core with a single shield, hence both the additional signal loss but also the ruggedness. The LMR400 will live longer. Last point: 90% of my cables are LMR-400 (the rest is a combo of 600 and 900). In the case of the LMR400, I love the Ultraflex... nice and easy to route. Again, sorry for the moderation and just don't ask for some beer I have to import from the Belgian Congo. PS. Moderation fixed... I hope.
  22. Hi Jamison. Read the post, now I want to visualize and digest for a couple of hours. Minor first jump-off-the-page, I know you want to save, but you can do better than RG-8X and for this level of effort, I would. Another mini orange flag is your raceway. Careful not to build something that ultimately causes condensation. Weather-resistant yes, weather-proof, so to speak, no. My personal preference is to leave the copper exposed. As for the coax, if you get a good outdoor coax, as in the LMR-400 range, even the one that's meant for underground burial (Times Microwave LMR-400 Direct Burial Coaxial Cable - Black) or even the normal one, you won't need to protect it either. Maybe, just to give it a 'blending look' on the side of the house, you can get a long roll of 'house colored' heat shrink and camouflage it that way. I hope I'm visualizing your setup correctly... The real question, and it's a good one that deserves some thought, is the height of the box. I would mount it low, not to save on copper, but to have any current travel less distance to ground. I would not, however, allow for any parallel running. My setup has the ground wire moving away from the coax at 90-degrees in the hope that the current does not decide to travel along with the coax. Last point about the box... I'm repeating what I said above... condensation!!! Make sure your box is very very very well vented. Last little thought as per XYL and house value. One thing I had done for a friend is to build everything into runs of PVC pipe which were a couple of inches away from the wall of the house and simply fastened with three brackets (top/middle/bottom). We had then painted the PVC in the same color as the house. Basically invisible. Just a thought. Hope this kinda/sorta helps. Jim
  23. K3MRI

    Antenna mast

    I must've missed that extra training you received. I thought I was getting those promotions for my rock painting!! Anthony, you've killed my illusion πŸ₯Έ
  24. Hah, you think Ham Census wore you out??? In addition to building it, I must've filled it out a dozen times. I'm so worn out... (I got nuthin'). 😴
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