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Here you will find all files relevant to being an Amateur Radio Volunteer for the Marine Corps Marathon

21 files

  1. The 2023 After Action Report Summary of the input received for after action reports from the MCM ARO volunteers and leadership team.
    12 1
  2. This file contains a list of all Division Commanders and OIC of water points, food stations, aid stations, and a few other position through out the marathon.
    42 11
  3. Amateur Radio Brief given at the 2023 All Hands training on 21 October 2023
    46 17
  4. This is the 2023 MCM Amateur Radio Operating Guide.  I contains all the primary information you will need for the MCM.  Any changes or additional information will come out via Ham Community or email prior to race day or via Net Control on race day.
    145 1
  5. Google Earth KMZ file of the 2023 MCM.  This map can be used on your phone or desktop with Google Earth.  It contains the routes, aid/med stations, food stops, mile markers, and water points for all 3 races.
    43 3
  6. Marine Corps Marathon Map in PDF Format
    41 0
  7. Marine Corps Marathon 10K Map in PDF Format
    12 0
  8. Marine Corps Marathon 50K Map in PDF Format
    14 0
  9. MCM War Memorial Layout image
    14 0
  10. Images of the bibs to be used at the 2023 MCM 
    20 0
  11. MCMO Medical brief given by Shelly in case the one embedded in the 2023 MCM ALL HANDS.pptx brief doesn't open properly for you.
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  12. The two files provided are suitable to import via RT Systems or CHIRP and used to upload the frequency plan to your radio.  Be careful not to overwrite any existing programming in your radio!
    186 5
  13. The is a file requested by the MCMO to aid their discussions with the LEO community regarding the presence of vehicle-mounted equipment at particular locations on the race course.  This is also a starting point for understanding parking for our volunteers.  THIS INFORMATION IS NOT YET FINAL and APPROVED, so please restrain your distribution to ONLY members of this group!
    90 14
  14. How to make a Tiger Tail Antenna to improve hand held radio performance.  Costs about 10¢.
    24 4
  15. 7G2-ElectricalSafety.pdf
    13 0
    22 0
    15 0
  18. CTCSS.pdf
    24 0
  19. General+-+TEMPLATE+Emergency+Medical+Identification.docx
    27 0
  20. Portable Power options Rev B.pdf
    20 0
  21. The UHF type connectors under network analysis.pdf
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