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  1. Berryville hamfest is this weekend. They might just have what you are looking for.
  2. AC3EO

    IMG_3562 - Copy

    This setup is on a fold out table. It is one of the Rubbermaid 8' fold out tables. This desk has been retired. I picked up a new desk about a year ago. Now the rack is on the floor but no longer holds my ft 101mp. Now is holds my yaesu system fusion node with amplifier. The Yaesu FT 101 MP is now up on the desk all by itself.
  3. This makes things a bit more interesting! This whole time I thought I would find a picnic bench and string up a dipole. LOL. I never would have guessed that would be an issue but I can see how it may be frowned upon. I have taken a look at the buddy poles in the past. I will look at them again. That my be the better way to go. I guess originally I was thinking the Chameleon MPAS backpack with the ground spike and the wire antenna that comes with it. The radio I would be using for this is the Icom 7100. I figured it is small and would work well for POTA. Thank you for all of your help gentlemen. AC3EO,
  4. AC3EO

    IMG_3562 - Copy

    The network cables are for the home internet. I have cameras, computers, other network switches and multiple WIFI access points connected.
  5. Hello all, I would like to get into POTA and I have found myself looking for the perfect antenna. Some of the things that are important to me is easy setup, easy tear down and light weight. My current antenna is an alpha delta DXCC fan dipole. I love this antenna but it is not easy to take down and set up quickly. What is everyone using as a good multiband antenna for POTA???
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