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data plugs/wires



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Hello getting back into all this. was hoping as i have not found anything online (wrong wording?)

but i have a yaesu FT-897 with the FC-30 tuner. and the "factory" styled cables to connect, and both of these cable units are kinda long. i can "adjust" or build a shorter coax as needed. but the data cable is the problem. are there any data plugs (with luck) that have a right, left, up/down angle to them? and lengths of the cable to make a shorter cable?                           --as i type this unknown as to what "angle" would work best.--

my interest is just in cleaning things up by not having loops of wire. 


or is there a reason these cables must be so long?

for those who do not know, both the ft-897 and fc-30 are bolted together so no movement and they are as one.

 tried in another place in this web sites fourms, no response so thought i would ask here.

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Hi Larry. Sorry I took so long to reply, this one slipped through.

These DIN plugs, I've used them for years having grown up in Europe where they were the absolute norm for decades, are hard to come by in 90-degree angles. I spent a little while looking for properly wired DIN plugs online, as you must've, and could not find any. However, and this is a long stretch, if you're willing to take the time to look for 'MIDI' plugs/cables, you may find a solution. The problem with out of the box MIDI cables is their pin wiring; it's different than the Yaesu ones. But with a little creativity, and even a custom job at a music store, you might be able to get a wire cut precisely. I had the same problem with my 891 when I had the FC-30 (which I then sold).

Hope this helps, albeit late...

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help a bit, thank you.


but is a dead end, i contacted a company that makes such wire assembly's, and they say no go. due to the pin count, setting, and angle. there are some angled out there but for a completely different pin count/combo.

i will  keep on looking. but till then i will make the assembly i have into what i need. a little knife work, bunch of epoxy,  the easy part is just making the wire shorter.

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