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Xiegu X6100 Mic Adapter


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I don't see any other forum this question looks like it belongs in.  

I have an X6100 on the way and want to use a headset with mic (Heil BM-17) with it for phone use.  I cannot find any adapter cable for this.  I need 1/8" mono (TS) for the mic and 1/8" stereo (TRS) to RJ45 and a 1/4" for the PTT switch.  The ONLY thing I found at all is this one that has an RCA for the PTT.  https://pileupdx.com/product/modmic-x5105-dx-adapter/

I can probably construct my own but was hoping someone else is already making them.

Any ideas?  I attached the pinout for it.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 10.26.07 PM.png

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Hi Jerry.

Apologies if I misunderstood, but is this what you're looking for:


The link you provided above wasn't working, which is why I just wanted to make sure.

As for the RCA vs. ¼" jack, a simple adapter should do it. I think, maybe I'm wrong, that you would need no further construction. Thoughts?


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Hi guys, I'm also trying to get an icom sm-2 mic to work. PTT works but no audio? The connection is the same as on Icom.
pin 4 PTT
pin 5 earth mic
pin 6 mic
pin 7 earth PTT
the two grounds do not work separately, no PTT, but when I put them together on pin 5 it is ok.
I don't understand why I have no audio? Thanks for your help. 73's Thierry

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