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  1. Does anyone remember the coke bottle vertical? They were common in the late 1960's and went out of fashion. What I remember is the base was insulated by an old fashioned coke bottle, the 6 1/2 oz. Type. Anyone have plans or maybe in an old Handbook. 73, Bill.
  2. Several of Jean Shepherd's ham radio programs are on YouTube. Some of them are funny. Here is one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M-zCaNLTZ0
  3. Hello. Since the revisions to the site, I cannot locate the call sign lookup. I think it was one of the best features of the site. Can someone point me to the link?
  4. This is the canteen cup "boil cover". There are different brands and they don't fit all canteen cups. The brand in the video is no longer available. The cups are very nice and of course hold a generous portion of coffee. 🙂
  5. Well I certainly was not prepared for that. Wow.😲
  6. Tom, could you buy a used TS-480?
  7. WB4KFO

    Net useage

    There are also trader's nets, vintage nets, brand speicific nets.
  8. I hope to work the QSO PARTY. You folks made the event!
  9. They could buy a hf transceiver then they would HAVE to get a license. No turning back now. The W1AW code practice has convenient stepping stones,5, 71/2, 10 wpm. You just have to copy and copy and copy. It's like learning a musical instrument. If you can copy QSOs, it's a great encouragement. We had an old World War II code machine in our radio club back in high school. It was the typical olive green and ran paper tapes. Build your own code oscillator and take turns back and forth with another student. A computer was something you put IBM punch cards into.
  10. I like N1MM too. I had to manually input something back on Field Day but I can't remember why. I find it is a good idea to refamiliarize myself with the program and not wait until the contest starts to set the log up. I like to manually enter the exact frequency the qso occurred but it does slow me down.
  11. The Kraft corporation recommends, well, Velveeta 😀
  12. more of a stocking stuffer but I love these. I bought them to replace worn out pads on walkman headsets. A wide variety on ebay.
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