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US Army Museum Diorama Photos


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We went to the US Army Museum in Ft. Belvoir, VA. These are photos of various dioramas. All were hand held and I believe only the last one use a flash. ISO ranged between 2000 and 10000.



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The Sherman tank is the actual "Cobra King" the first tank of the 4th Armored Division to break the siege at Bastogne where the 101st Airborne Division was surrounded.  The tank disappeared in World War II then suddenly reappeared in Germany fairly recently.  The whole amazing story is in the link above.  Looking forward to visiting the museum.

Cobra King is the M4A3E2, nicknamed a "Jumbo"  tank.  Armor protection was increased in places and was intended to be used attacking the Siegfried line.  Only 254 were built.  With that extra armor the Jumbo was a natural for a point tank.  The tracks have the optional "extended end connectors" installed, which was necessary on the Jumbo because of the extra weight.


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One of the cans on the Korean War jeep is a curiosity.  It is the pattern of a German can, which was also copied by the British in the same configuration as the German can with British markings.  The US version is next to the spare tire.

I used to bring one of those cans to field day.


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This is completely off-topic and 'out there' but I wonder if the Mustang 'Cobra' got its name from the Cobra King. Too bad Lee Iacocca is no longer with us to let us know.

Here I am this weekend driving one, a GT-500; funny coincidence.


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