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  • Callsign: WZ4K
  • Class: Amateur Extra
  • Country: USA
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About Me

Licensed in 1976 as WN4GNE, Novice, I was introduced to the hobby by Richard Weisshaut, WA4MKN in Miami Beach where I was raised. Living in a highrise apartment building right on the Atlantic Ocean, I had Europe at my fingertips but, alas, a missed opportunity! WN4GNE became WA4GNE and eventually my license lapsed without much activity. Moving and then college and Navy served as a distraction from radio exploits.


In 1989, I was a Nuclear Machinist's Mate in the US Navy, stationed in Charleston, SC. I had recently reported to USS Sam Rayburn(SSBN-635) after 5 years onboard USS Henry M. Jackson(SSBN-730) and we had just completed Sam Rayburn's conversion from a Fleet Ballistic Missle Submarine to the Navy's first Moored Training Ship(MTS-635) at Nuclear Power Training Unit (NPTU) Charleston, SC. We were at our new home at the Naval Weapons Station and I was enjoying a bagged lunch in the breakroom where I heard Danny Groover, W9PW, and Scott Chippendale, WB3EFS, chatting about Ham Radio - soon after that I had my Novice licence as KC4OOQ and upgraded to Technician as N4YJX. Next, I upgraded to Advanced as KO4GS. I finally picked up Extra Class on 8 JAN 2011 after 20 years as an Advanced Class - it's nice not to worry about odd band limits! Received vanity call sign WZ4K on 5 April 2016.

WZ4K Station


Yaesu FTDX3000 powered from an Alinco DM-340MV power supply. An 8-position antenna switch connects an inverted G5RV @ 35' to one of two HF rigs. The FTDX3000 listens and transmits through an LDG AT-100PRO external tuner. The FTDX--3000 is also connected to a SingaLink USB and an ASUS Desktop i7-4790S Quad Core Processor running at 3.2 GHz with 12 GB RAM and running Windows 10 64 bit. I chat through a Heil PR781 station microphone mounted on the Heil Boom. I also have a Yaesu FT-950.

DX Lab Suite - integrates well with Digital modes via FLDIGI and WSJT-X and JTAlertX as-well-as N1MM+ for contesting. The support is outstanding.

On the wall is the DXCC with Phone endorsement, the vast majority worked on 10mtrs, Worked All States with 10 meters and SSB endorsements as-well-as WAS Triple Play Also, hanging is the CQ WPX Mixed w/North America; the IARU Worked All Continents with Phone endorsement and the IARU Region 2 Award - a nice certificate for 20 countries confirmed in - you guessed it - Region 2! I did mixed WAS again exclusively via LoTW - North Dakota was the holdout! 2014 was great fun with the ARRL Centennial QSP - I earned WAS Triple Play thanks to all the dedicated stations participating in the Centennial events.

CQ_WPX.jpg KO4GS_DXCC.jpg WorkedAllVA.jpg
KO4GS_WAS_Triple_Play_png.jpg 2014WAS.jpg WASsm.jpg



img05312015_0001.jpg GA_QSP_2016.jpg ntennial_Points_Challenge_KO4GSq.jpg

European Phase Shift Keying Club has beautiful certificates. You join and download an app which analyzes your log and determines what awards you qualify for - all free. Go here and learn more:




Also in the Shack is a Yaesu FTM-350 Dualband and the Yaesu FT-7900R, an ICOM ID-5100  The 5100 is in the Ford F150.

The Kenwood TH-D74 D-Star Handheld is a lot of fun. D-Star via the W4MT Repeater or the RPi3B running PiStar.

Also through the RPi is a DMR radio - the Anytone AT-D868UV and an AT-D878UV. Both very full-featured and front keypad programmable radios for ham-friendly field operations.

Yaesu VX-8DR Handheld with GPS and a Wouxun KG-UV9D Plus are also available for handheld ops. The UV8D is more friendly to programming - be careful before considering the UV9D.

Last - but certainly not least - the venerable Yaesu FT 857D in the truck connected to the Little Tarheel II antenna for mobile HF operations.


United States Navy

35 Years of Service - I continue to serve....


I am retired from the US Navy as a Chief Information Systems Technician. I entered Boot Camp on the Navy's birthday, October 13, 1982; Company 303! After completing recruit training I remained in Great Lakes for Machinist's Mate A school and then reported to USS Boulder (LST-1190) in Brooklyn, NY. Then came 6 months of intensive nuclear training in Orlando, FL followed by 6 months in Balston Spa, NY for nuclear prototype training.

I'm a Plankowner (Commissioning Crew) onboard the submarine USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730) - one DASO and 6 Strategic Deterrent Patrols later I reported to USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN-635) completing conversion from Fleet Ballistic Missile submarine to the Navy's 1st Moored Training Ship (MTS-635). We moved from Charleston Naval Shipyard to Naval Weapons Station Charleston. July 1, 1989 was MTS-635's "commissioning" day and soon after we were training students. Shortly after, in September 1989, Hurricane Hugo struck Charleston causing significant damage to the city. Nuclear Power Training Unit (NPTU) Charleston was well-prepared. I was on watch when the hurricane struck - a night I will never forget!

I left Active Duty as a Nuclear Machinist's Mate in 1996 and joined the Navy Reserves as a Data Processing Technician(DP). The DP rate was converted to the IT rate along with Radioman(RM) around 1998. After being recalled to Active Duty in 2003, I was allowed to remain on active status until I retired in 2009. I now enjoy civilian Federal employment working for Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) in Williamsburg, VA managing their communications as the Deputy Director for their Comms Department.

Last, I diligently enter the GigaParts sweepstakes trying to win a new toy, apparently, increasing the odds that someone else will actually win the prize!

73 DE WZ4K






688 Class - my home for 4 years; 1992 - 1996
USS Newport News SSN-750

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