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  1. I decided to take the leap, finish the census after today's QSO Today Expo presentation (and so I could start diving into the data). Here's a few things I noticed: id1068: question says restricted to two but form doesn’t restrict id81: JT-65 on there twice id130: contest data source? IARU HF and IARU HF Champ are the same thing. Contains VHF contests that belong in ID139. id143: wording/intent unclear. id150: where’s the “YES” button Camaraderie > qsl cards is lacking LoTW, other options? id164: i wonder if we can add nuance - i don’t ever initially talk about ham radio (except in specific situations like when I’m operating a ham radio) but i’m very open to leaning a conversation towards that direction if it feels “right” id272 & id273 - there’s a lot more brands out there. Is this ONLY ham radio, what about shortwave receivers or scanners, cb, frs, etc. Oh this is asked in id405. Need to probably add a note or clarification id278 - end fed, end-fed half wave (double entry), id401 - palstar on there twice. What’s the justification/source for source data? Like where’s icom/yaesu/kenwood (oh says updated with respondent recommendations) id321 - what about just “none, would like to, haven’t gotten around to it” or “too busy” id414 doesn’t need to be a drop down, radio button instead id1038: cannot fill this out...forgot to finish my profile. Actually can't put it in because I messed up which email I used and the password reset email is slow to send. id634: “have read all” vs “consider myself knowledgeable” ?? I have read all, and I consider myself knowledgeable, so where do I fit? id766, id767: needs to be multiple choice. I’ve done both structured and informal mentoring id771: self taught cw vs “self taught cw with blah” - more options or new question? id774 - should be all that apply, not limited to 3. id792: hahahahahahaha i watch all of the ham radio videos id798: i think there are larger hamfests missing here id803: i think this implies “i attend club meetings annually” but actually i attend them regularly. other questions are okay, but this question might need expansion. id990: i have issue with “radio should be taught in schools to attract more youth” specifically “to attract more youth.” it should be taught to teach STEM with real-world applications.
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