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  • Callsign: W7VOA
  • Class: General
  • Country: US
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About Me

After a quarter century in Asia we're back in the USA and QRV from a historic hamlet in Fairfax County in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

On HF (CW and SSB) the rig is a Yaesu FT-450D running <100 watts feeding a Gap Titan DX center-fed vertical for 6-80 meters and there's also an inverted V for 15 meters. 

DX call signs previously: A52SW, HL1ZAT, HL9OA, HL9VOA, HS0ZLK, S21VOA, T6AD, T88SH, VU3USJ, 7J1AIL and 9N7VOA.

First licensed in 1972; ex-WA7WYF, N7EPQ and K7USJ.

QCWA Life Member. 

Member: ARRLAlexandria ARC, NERASKCC and QCWA Chapter 91.

I'm also a former president of the Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association (TIARA)

Over the years, I have authored articles for CQ, Popular Communications and 73 magazine.


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