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  • Callsign: W4OLV
  • Class: General
  • Country: US
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About Me

I gained an interest in amateur radio during my time in law enforcement and finally took the plunge in 2018. I have been slowly growing my skills over the last year and have been enjoying learning more about HF operation including the use of digital modes on a Raspberry Pi. I currently run my own YouTube channel (shameless plug) called TheNewHam (link below). Since I'm still relatively new I approach it from a beginners standpoint and try to share my experiences and opinions. So please come visit my channel.

In addition to ham radio I also do photography and of course some videography for my channel.

I looking forward to networking with the community here to learn more about amateur radio and what it has to offer.

73 everyone!

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheNewHam8MB Radio.jpg

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