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The most frequently asked questions by amateur radio volunteers serving the Marine Corps Marathon.

What time are we expected to begin on race day?

Though times vary slightly depending on one's assignment, operators should expect to be able to arrive – location will be given individually – by 0400 on race day.

Will there be training?

Every year, the leadership organizes an 'all hands' meeting during which the key points are presented. Furthermore, there is a detailed manual listing the minutiae of volunteering for the Marine Corps Marathon. Finally, leadership is readily available for those who feel the need for additional information and/or guidance.

How long does race day last for amateur radio operators?

Depending on one's assignment, the range of time spans from a minimum of six hours, to a likely maximum of twelve. In general, operators arrive at the course by 0400 and their stations are secured starting at 1000 for those stations nearest to the start of the race, up to 1600 for the last operators working at the Race Operations Center and Net Control.

Why did we move MCM amateur radio registration to Ham Community?

While the previous website was excellently managed by a dedicated team of volunteers, the leadership felt that Ham Community and Ham Volunteers would offer a more robust long-term platform for both managing the event and facilitating communication both to the volunteers and among them.

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