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I'm not sure if this topic has been covered elsewhere.

The above link provides a set of tutorials on virtually every aspect of RPi use by hams today with emphasis on setup and use of a variety of common apps such as WSJT-X, FLDigi, etc.  Including discussion of SSH, Putty, etc.

It is truly an A to Z tutorial.  I highly recommend downloading all the sections, seven in all; ~15MB.

If you have never powered a RPi, or plugged in a mouse, this will get you going.  If you are a power user (not me, I'm just learning!), you will find some new and challenging applications.



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Thanks for the recommendation.

I'm familiar with microcontrollers like Arduino, and some of Adafruit's ARM-based SAMD boards, I haven't built anything with Raspi yet.

I hope to use a mix of Arduino, Raspi, and SDR in my shack to make things like a panadapter & spectrum monitor, and build a low-power-drain digital mode box for portable stations that can handle PSK, Winlink, etc.

The info in the link you provided should be very helpful.

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