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Do We Need a Club Emergency Vehicle


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If this is a civilian's vehicle, he needs a quick intervention. Wow. Imagine describing the vehicle to your insurance company. Year? Make? Model?

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i am not a engineer but i see so much fail in the photos. need a way to deflect the blast up and away from the truck. not contain it.  no safety for passengers. no second seat up front. must have more than one or two sets of eyes forward. the box around the rear wheels will pop it end over end when something goes boom under it. the winch is just plan mounted wrong should be inside not hanging outside.

the rear step rods are a great way to break a leg with a misstep. the windows are to big on the sides. no glass is that strong. and the inside shows it needs a lot of supports, not enough seating, lots of junk to bash around and hurt/maim/kill somebody.  is the body made of armored steel? or shrapnel?

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