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Crisis 2020: how is it affecting ham radio?


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I'm curious what people are seeing on-air during this shelter-in-place period. Is there an increase in HF traffic? VHF/UHF? Repeaters? Nets?

Also, are we spending more time talking about the virus than about anything else?

Or, is everyone just sitting around making puzzles????


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I have talked to many around the country, and some operators are very worried, others not so much. in the central Texas area, I have heard lots of activations in emcomm community in an effort to keep people informed. 

I hope that this virus is  over soon.




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I'm just wondering whether or not there is a sharp increase in traffic. My guess is yes... but I have not been on HF for several weeks so I'm not sure.

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55 minutes ago, KB7THL said:

In my more rural area, I'm not hearing an increase in VHF/UHF radio traffic, pretty much same people with similar daily traffic.  Maybe a couple more checkins on nets. 

I'm actually going to say the same thing. I monitor five local repeaters and the surge I was expecting never came. This is truly bizarre because I know full well that a whole pile of operators that would not normally be home, the non-retirees 😎 are currently furloughed and home and I'm not hearing them.


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