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My 1963 Technician Station


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Hi Phil. So cool to see these old photos of us in our more bushy eyed years!! Heathkit Seneca... I had one that my sister decided was too ugly and decided one night, I kid not, to paint all the blue parts bright bright bright pink. She did a great job! She even took the trouble of laying down a white primer base. I should have kept it; it might have had some humor value at club meets.

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Wow!  A pink Seneca would've been quite something.  I really enjoyed my Seneca, but only used it on 6M since I had no antenna or receive convertor for 2M.  But there was plenty of 6M activity on 6M in central Ohio back then, so I was quite content even when the band was closed.


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Hey Phil, nice photo and shack! My first exposure to radio was actually CB Citizen Band radio with my Astatic D-104 mic 🙂 I actually had a base station in the 3rd floor of our home in Upper Montclair, NJ with vertical Shakespeare Big Stick antenna mounted to the chimney. It wasn't Ham Radio, but it was a start.


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