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My favorite all band portable antenna


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  • Elmer

Based on the QST article, I resized the element lengths with a few loading coils and kite-winders to create a very quick to deploy antenna. I use a 10 meter Fiberglas telescoping mast to support the longer element.  Electrically, it’s a dipole fed at the 800 ohm feed point. Physically, it seems like an end-fed long wire. When I first built it, my first contact was Senegal using 2 watts with a K-1.





A Near End-Fed Antenna for Low Power 20 Meter Operation.pdf

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  • Administrator

Senegal on 2W? Wow. Which mode, 'cause if it was phone, then I want some of your karma to rub off on me. This said, not that I'm bragging (oh but I am), this weekend I hit Japan with 25W on phone SSB 😎

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  • Elmer

 The Elecraft K-1 is CW only. Contact was on 20 meters. It was a couple of months after the article appeared in QST. Japan is more impressive!!!!!

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  • Elmer

An AB-86 military surplus antenna mast with base insulator and whip adapter at top with 15 foot whip. 55 foot vertical with an Icom AH-4 Antenna Coupler. Packed antenna fits in the trunk/boot of compact and larger vehicles. Will fit in sub compact hatch back lengthwise. QTY 3 units.

Military Surplus GRA-50 dipole adjustable on both sides from 160 Meters to 6 meters. QTY 6 units

Buddipole™ Deluxe Package, QTY 1

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