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Choosing an oscilloscope


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This is an interesting pdf written up by Tektronix (got it on the Mouser website) that explains the purchase of an oscilloscope. Granted, the document is not 100% aimed at amateur radio, but I find many of its points relevant. Also, it is written by Tektronix, so I will caution that it does have a little slant towards their own equipment. This said, after reading it, I'm comfortable that it is mostly objective. It would be interesting to hear from the Community what you think is critical in choosing an oscilloscope.

12 Things to Consider when Choosing an Oscilloscope

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A quick personal shout out to a very very high end product line. For those of us who are serious about testing, Keysite Technologies offers an amazing product (this is an unendorsed recommendation!)


This said, they have some items starting at reasonable prices (≤USD $500).




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