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Measuring harmonics

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I watched this interesting video on measuring the harmonics that are generated in Baofeng radios.

I understand why it is important to keep the harmonics within regulated specifications, but as I watched how the measurements were taken I cant help but feel like the antenna is an important part of the equation. If your antenna is not resonate at the frequencies the energy is not radiated (or at least radiated significantly lower). It would be much more convincing to me if the testing took into account the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) measurement on the antenna and then did the math to estimate the actual radiated energy from the radio.

If you look at the whole system at the end of the day, the antenna is also a filter...




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Absolutely useful test. So, Gen 3 fails!? Not that it surprises me. To be frank, I'm still on the fence as regards Baofeng and other cheap entry options. I think it's great that more hams can get their hands on an entry-level radio, but at the same time, our spectrum is so tight, and getting tighter, that we need radios that operate as cleanly as possible. This, by the way, applies to HF as well. Thanks for posting this Josh!!

Now the question is, when do we start doing some tests of our own? 😎

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