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Unexpected Maritime Mobile CW QSO today

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 This morning I was turning on the radio randomly scanning the 20 m band, when I heard a straight key CQ. 

Turned out to be G0HUZ/MM -  he was running 5 W from an elecraft KX3. We had a nice chat for about 20 minutes, really surprising, if you just randomly turn on your radio you never know what surprising exotic stations you may find. 

After doing some research on his call sign, I found out he operates from a cruise ship which is currently stationed in the Mediterranean near Greece.

 Online ship trackers show the current position of The ship. 

Not bad for five watts in a wire, once again proving the power of CW.


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What kills me is that he did not brag about it from the get go. Did he make any mention as to where he was? Did he at least say he was traveling, or. in Greece? In any case 👏👏👏👏

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