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Vu2gmn_antenna.jpgContent-wise, there are basically two types of nets, nets without a topic, and nets with a topic. Nets without a topic have a place in our ham universe. They allow friends, or strangers, to just get on and share a story, the weather, a new purchase, or ask a question about some issue they might be having. Subject-driven nets are different, people arrive knowing what the day's subject matter will be. Please note that I am not talking about purpose-driven nets like traffic nets, weather nets, etc. I am talking about HF, VHF, UHF... nets, usually, but not always, run by clubs, to bring hams together.

Which brings me to my ask. This would be a good thread to list ideas for subject matter. I will edit this top post to include the highlights of the suggestions given. I'll start the dance off by putting in some of my own ideas in the next post.

C'mon ham community, let the pile up begin!!

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Throwing out ideas that just came to mind:

  • Emcomm related
    • Gear needed/used for winter outdoor operating
    • Emergency deployment go kit ideas
  • Antenna related
    • What guy ropes do you use and why?
    • We'd like to hear from people with towers over 100-feet: give us some pointers
  • Propagation related
    • What is your experience with the 160 M band?
    • What were your takeaways from this last nadir in the solar cycle?
  • Purchasing related
    • What was your last purchase and what are your impressions thus far?
    • Do you buy equipment at hamfests? What type?

And so on... More to come!!

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