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Has Vienna Wireless decided to move the web site to Ham Community?


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VWS is now a Member Club of Ham Community.  What does that mean?  It means that members have access to the best features of both the VWS web site and Ham Community.  Go to the web site for the membership list, the presentations database, dues payments, and other administrative functions.  The Blog, where meeting announcements and other announcements of general interest are posted, is available on both the web site and the club site on Ham Community.  But the Ham Community version has more features.  You can "Follow" the blog, which means that you will receive an e-mail when new material is posted.  And you can comment on the blog posts to add your questions and insights.  Also on Ham Community you will find some nice photo albums of club events and a Discussion area where you can interact with other club members.  You will need to join at hamcommunity.com to utilize the interactive features.


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