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  • Ionosphere

Aw geez, would you look at this here.
I just found these for sale at my local Grocery store...If they can get gift cards now, we're in for some deep doo-doo.
Apparently they already got their own locker room too.


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  • Administrator

Okay, ignorance time... mine that is. What are Lids? I know they mean hats, and yes I could look this up, and likely will, but I do like to (occasionally) reveal my more unknowledgeable side.

Go easy on me 😳

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  • Elmer

Regardless of it's origins a "Lid" has come to mean any malicious or careless operator who has no regard for other operators and considers her/his needs or wants as inherently more important than common courtesy or good operating practice. A person who calls a newly licensed operator a "No Code Phony" is an excellent example of a LID! An operator who calls a rare contact on their calling frequency instead of calling "10 up" or any frequency the rare contact asked be used for replies is a quintessential LID.


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