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Sources of solar weather prediction

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As many hams are, I am keenly aware of the impact, both good and bad, the sun imparts on our ability to propagate signals. In thinking about this, I thought I would look around and see what was out there in terms of sources. By sources I don't so much mean those who simply interpret the data but more importantly those that truly observe the sun and give us evidence-based data.

Here is a list, I'm sure you can add, if so, please do. Later, we should also add these to our Weblinks directory (in the propagation section): https://hamcommunity.com/links/category/3-propagation-solar-weather/

  1. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC): The SWPC, run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), provides real-time monitoring and forecasting of solar and geophysical events. https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/
  2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): NASA's various missions like the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) provide continuous monitoring of the sun and space weather conditions. https://www.nasa.gov/
  3. Space Weather Canada: Provided by the Canadian Space Weather Forecast Centre, this site gives updates on space weather conditions and their impact, including effects on communication systems. https://www.spaceweather.gc.ca/index-en.php
  4. Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (ISAS/JAXA): JAXA provides real-time data on solar weather through their various space missions. https://www.isas.jaxa.jp/en/
  5. European Space Agency (ESA): The ESA's Space Weather portal aggregates data from several space weather observatories across Europe. https://www.esa.int/
  6. Stanford University's Solar Center: Stanford's Solar Center offers educational resources on solar weather, and its VLF group studies the impact of solar weather on Very Low Frequency radio waves. https://solar-center.stanford.edu/
  7. Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): The Space Weather Services (SWS) division provides reports and alerts on solar weather and its effects. https://www.bom.gov.au/space/
  8. Royal Observatory of Belgium's Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE): The STCE provides regular reports and forecasts on solar weather and its impact on Earth. https://www.stce.be/
  9. NASA's Integrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA): This is a flexible web-based system for NASA-relevant space weather information that allows the user to customize the layout of a wide array of data feeds ranging from the Sun to the Earth. https://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/
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