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What do we enjoy volunteering for?


Volunteering opportunities  

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  1. 1. Which of these (PLEASE PICK ONLY THREE) would you consider your favorite opportunities for volunteering?

    • Real-world emergencies
    • Emergency and disaster preparedness exercises including supporting hospitals
    • Teaching ham radio including elmering
    • Helping set up shacks and antennas
    • Net control
    • Fox hunting
    • Skywarn
    • Club leadership and activities
    • Sporting events
    • Community events more generally
    • MARS or ARES or CERT or other formal auxiliary communication group
    • Volunteer examiner
    • Hamfest support
    • Running a blog or community site
    • Other... write about it in the post...

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I've always wondered about people's favorite volunteering opportunity. For some it's emergencies, for others it's sporting events. Again, for others, it might be working at a Hamfest.

I'd be curious to know which interest you and why.

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Just for fun, I asked ChatGPT (model 3.5) to give me the top 20 opportunities that amateur radio operators volunteer for and this was the response. I think you'll agree that ChatGPT knows us a 'little' but definitely not 'a lot'.

  1. Support of Local Public Events and Emergency Services
  2. Community Outreach Projects
  3. Amateur Radio Field Day Events
  4. Special Event Station Participation
  5. Hamfest Participation
  6. Radio Direction Finding Events
  7. Remote/ Portable Operating
  8. Amateur Radio Exams and Elmering
  9. Emergency Radio Communications Support
  10. Public Service Events
  11. Fox Hunting
  12. Embedded Radio Programming
  13. Interfacing Amateur Radio with Computers
  14. Amateur Radio Contests
  15. Amateur Radio Satellite Communication
  16. High Altitude Ballooning
  17. Amateur Radio Antenna Building
  18. Amateur Radio Public Relations
  19. Support for Amateur Radio Clubs
  20. Amateur Radio Digital modes (Packet Radio, PSK31, etc.)


I then asked GPT4 the same question and got a slightly fuller response.


Sure, amateur radio operators often volunteer their skills and equipment for various types of public service and community engagement opportunities. Here's a list of top 20 opportunities they may participate in:

  1. Emergency Services**: Amateur radio operators can provide vital communication services during emergencies or disasters when conventional communication systems are down or overloaded.
  2. Search and Rescue Operations**: In areas with limited cell phone coverage, amateur radio operators can assist in coordinating search and rescue efforts.
  3. Weather Monitoring**: Ham operators often participate in severe weather reporting for their local National Weather Service office.
  4. Public Events**: Many public events, like marathons or parades, require a significant communication network. Amateur radio operators often volunteer their skills to help with this.
  5. Field Day Exercises**: This annual event encourages amateur radio operators to set up stations in remote or unusual locations and make as many contacts as possible.
  6. Hamfests**: These are social events for amateur radio operators. Volunteers are often needed to help organize and run them.
  7. Satellite Communications**: Some amateur radio operators specialize in communicating with satellites and can help with related events or activities.
  8. Moonbounce (EME) Operations**: This is a technique that uses the moon as a passive satellite to bounce radio waves for communications. It's quite a challenging aspect of amateur radio, and volunteers often help in the understanding and propagation of this technique.
  9. International Space Station (ISS) Contact Events**: Amateur radio volunteers can assist schools and organizations in setting up communication with astronauts aboard the ISS.
  10. Radio Direction Finding and Radio Orienteering**: These are outdoor activities that combine orienteering and amateur radio.
  11. Radio Scouting**: Amateur radio operators often volunteer to teach Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts about radio communication for various badges.
  12. Museum Ships on the Air**: Volunteers operate radios aboard museum ships for this annual event.
  13. National Parks on the Air**: Amateur radio operators can activate and make contacts from national parks to promote the preservation of these beautiful natural resources.
  14. Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) Activities**: The ARRL organizes a number of events, competitions, and initiatives that require volunteers.
  15. Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)**: This organization, coordinated by the ARRL, provides emergency communication services. Volunteers are always needed.
  16. Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)**: This is a protocol created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It's a volunteer organization of amateur radio operators who are certified by a local civil defense agency to provide emergency radio communications.
  17. School Club Roundup**: This is a biannual event that encourages school radio clubs to get on the air and make as many contacts as possible.
  18. Teaching and Mentoring**: Many amateur radio operators volunteer their time to teach others about radio technology, both in formal classes and informal mentorships.
  19. Technical Experimentation**: Amateur radio has a long tradition of technical experimentation. Many operators enjoy working on technical projects and sharing their results with the community.
  20. Radio Frequency Interference Tracking**: Amateur radio operators often assist in tracking sources of radio frequency interference for businesses, homeowners, and sometimes even the FCC.

These activities offer a wide variety of opportunities for amateur radio operators to use their skills to benefit their communities and pursue their own interests in the field of radio communication.


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