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Ham radio antenna using the stock fm antenna mounting point on my car?


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Okay so hear me out on this one, I'm trying to keep a stock look on my car but add a ham radio antenna for a decent price. I don't use my AM/FM/Serious on my car and am willing to sacrifice that antenna for my ham radio. I have seen many people online stating that this could cause damage to my car's stereo but I was wondering if there was a way to run a separate wire for my ham radio and simply use the cars mounting point, not using any of the cars wiring. Using this location would keep my antenna looking stock and clean I'm also pretty new at this and am working off a baofeng using VHF/UHF frequencies (for the moment). Is this setup possible and this should I run an amplifier with this setup? 

Thank you all in advance for your help and thoughts!

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Hi Jay, welcome to Ham Community. Happy to hear (via message) that. you are studying for your license. Unfortunately, running through your car’s wiring and using your car’s antenna are not ideal; both are intended more for receive, not transmit. To transmit VHF, you’ll need some kind of coax and the car antenna will likely not be tuned for 2M (144-148 MHz). As for an amplifier, frankly you are much better off, and it will be cheaper, to install a mobile unit some of which go as high as 65 watts. What’s more, you will find that handling an HT like a Baofeng, while driving, is both difficult and dangerous. In this case, for a mobile setup, I highly recommend that you keep it simple and efficient… install a proper mobile unit with antenna. The good news is that there are plenty of solutions that will not look ‘ugly’ on the car. Final point, you may not use your car radio often, but in an emergency, you’ll be happy you have it to listen to any emergency announcements made via AM/FM radio.

Hope this helps.

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