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questions about panadaptors and QRP

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what's a panadaptor?

Iis it a term that refers to the box that interfaces some connector at the back of a transceiver (or a soldered connection to the PCB) to a computer connector and then a display program to show waterfall and other info?

Is there always a way to use a cheap laptop/tablet to display waterfall using a simple connection/circuit with free or open source program (if needed) that I can make myself to old transceiver to save cost?

By "old" I mean radios from the 1990's and 2000's like Kenwood TS-2000, or Yaesu FT-897, FT-920, or ICOM IC-746, 718, ...etc or similar one of the great radios. The goal is  maximum bang for buck and even though I am extra licensed, my goal is to use for listening and probably emergency transmitting.


For QRP, I know exactly what it is, and QRP transceivers tend to cost less (sometimes much less). What is wrong (if any) with the thinking that it is more cost effective to buy a qrp transceiver and and amplifier of my own choosing (or an ebay kit, DIY, modify a cheap kit, ...etc), than one costly transceiver?

There are dirt cheap (relatively) PCB+components kits all over the internet and separating the amp from the transceiver helps making maintenance or replacement and upgrade easier.

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