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One of my other hobbies...

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Working with wood.

All the chessboards I could find were the cheap chinese-grade mass produced junk, and the really nice ones like the expert players use are crazy $$$.
I'm not an expert player by any  measure, but I set out to build my own.  I made the squares from maple and oak for a good contrast.  I wanted to make the binding from oak and purple heart laminate but there is no purple heart available locally so I had to settle for a laminated binding of oak and maple dyed Carbaret Red.
I built 8 and donated the other 7 to the retirement homes in the area.  The chess pieces I ordered from Wholesale Chess.

Here's the link to the video, I'm not sure how to embed it or if that option is even available.


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I seem to have managed to embed my a video in my Choptank River Waterfowl post, but didn't seem to work on the 28,750 PIPES post. You did manage to embed a picture in your reply in that post.

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