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I was on the 3905 Century Club late net this morning about 2am on 7.188.  We were about 3/4 way through, fixing to go into the third round when some guy broke in with emergency traffic.  He said he was communicating with an airplane that the door fell off and we were splattering all over his emergency.   So we yielded the frequency to emergency traffic.  I sat and listened for a while.  The pilot was pretty shaken up and some guy, I assume ATC, was talking him down to an emergency landing somewhere.

Apparenty there's actually a procedure for when the door falls off your airplane as the pilot was questioning some instruction the ATC gave him and ATC told him to just do it as that was the proceedure.  Maybe tomorrow I'll google it and see if it's in the news. 

Pretty cool to listen in though.  First time I've been snubbed by an actual real emergency.



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So, this is one of those... happened to me moments. @W4DOI knows this story well. I was in my second or third flight in PFS - Primary Flight School. We were just climbing out and still fairly low at ±1000 feet altitude. I was flying left seat and the instructor was flying right seat. Alan (W4DOI) knows his name, but here in public, I guess I'll be kind and not throw him under the bus, I'll just use his initials... Lieutenant D. Well, sure enough his door, the right door, pops open (slightly). I have not mentioned this yet, but the aircraft was a small single engine low wing called a Musketeer. Anyway, this Lt. freaks right out; total panic. I HAVE CONTROL, I HAVE CONTROL. Calls the tower with a MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY. You'd think we had lost our wings! The door was ajar literally one inch and the airflow was obviously doing a very nice job of keeping the door tight to the aircraft. Anyway, we land and - big mistake Jim... - I decide to chuckle 🥴 with maybe a touch of sneering thrown in. The short version is he tried really hard to fail me in coming weeks and was not too pleased that the entire squadron was well aware (what, me squeal?) that Lt. D. had quite literally wetted himself (I think so anyway). As for listening in, obviously the ATC were in on the conversation, quite literally, but so was the flight line. I tell you, when the fire trucks came out, the firemen (enlisted) were in stitches... literally. Of course he played his Officer RHIP card but that just fueled the laughter. Anyway, thought I'd share...

As for your listening in, sounds really cool. Just curious why the aircraft was on HF for a local ATC comms... bizarre.

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5 hours ago, K3MRI said:


As for your listening in, sounds really cool. Just curious why the aircraft was on HF for a local ATC comms... bizarre.

Can't answer that.  All that flyboi stuff is way beyond my pay grade.  I didn't fly them, I just jumped out of them.  🙂

"If your parachute fails to open, immediately after contact with the ground, you will snap to the position of parade rest and give a loud and boisterous AIRBORNE!

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