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Off frequency transmitting

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Hey Bill, consider yourself lucky... he could've asked you to transmit on another band 😅

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13 hours ago, WB4KFO said:

At this moment the other station is on 7203.5, he wants people to transmit to him on 7186.  How is someone supposed to toggle at the fast pace of a contest?


Hi Bill,  I'm not sure about your rig, as they are all different, but my Yaesu has a function called "split".  What that does is allow me to save a frequency such as 72035 into memory to receive on, then designate a different frequency such as 7186 to Xmit on.   Once that is done, when I switch from tune mode to memory mode on my Xceiver, and I select that memory button, it all happens magically and requires no action by me to Xmit on 7186 and hear on 72035.

I chuckled when I envisioned in my mind some guy sitting at his desk speaking into his mic on 7186, then frantically trying to spin the tune knob to 72035 to hear a reply, then frantically spinning the tune knob back to 7186 to respond.  Seems like a great way to get caprel tunnel and wear out a tuner knob.   LOL

I'm sure not all Xceivers offer this split function, so you might be "up the crick" as the old guys say around here.  I supose you'll have to dig thru the instruction manual for your rig and see.

Alternatley, you have a fine reason to convince the XYL that you need to buy a new radio so you can Xmit on one and listen on the other.  Opportunity only knocks once.   LOL

73 de Anthony, KD3Y

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1 hour ago, KD3Y said:

Hi Bill, ...

73 de Anthony, KD3Y

Thank you Anthony.  Excellent.  That was a very informative answer.  I will have to check if my rigs have split frequency.  To be truthful, every time I encounter this,  I think of the old Heathkit rigs with the outboard VFO.

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