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Repeater hardware setups


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As a new HAM with only my Tech license (so far), I have been very interested in what repeater setups look like in the real world. Do clubs set up systems with two transceivers and a diplexer or is it all in one transceiver? Is it just an expensive transceiver and a "heap" of parts donated by club members? What is the deal with "System Fusion" and "D-star"?

Please post your clubs setup so we can discuss and learn about the different aspects of the set ups. 

Pictures would be great too! 

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Great idea. Let's get @K3HLT@AK4KM and @AJ4QZinto the conversation and see if they can get MVARC to oblige with their setup.

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We at the Alexandria Radio Club have 10 voice repeaters (analog and digital) and one data repeater. 

A repeater can be a very specialized device with a dedicated transmitter and dedicated receiver.  Most 2 meter and up repeaters are in one cabinet.  Each component has a feedline that goes to a duplexer (not to be confused with a diplexer, that's a different device).   Many 10 meter and 6 meter repeater systems use separate sites for the transmitter and receiver with a UHF link in between.

The duplexer is a very expensive filter that allows the transmitter to transmit without overloading the receiver.   One side allows the transmitter to pass RF to the antenna and notches out the receiver, while the other side notches out the transmitter frequency and allows RF to pass on the receiver frequency.

There is also a controller in between the two components that controls the T/R function, allows the control operator to turn the repeater on and off, links to the phone line and many other functions.  It is often a computer.  

Repeater management is not for the faint of heart.  


Rich, KA4GFY

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