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Your preferred setup

Your ideal 'gifted' station  

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  1. 1. Given the chance and unlimited cash, and you could only opt for one, which would you buy?

    • The ultimate portable station for backpacking (think SOTA)
    • The ultimate transportable station (i.e. by vehicle) for POTA, Field Day, etc.)
    • The ultimate mobile installation for your motorcycle, car or RV
    • The ultimate boat shack
    • The ultimate home shack

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I had previously asked what you would buy with $10,000. I would now like to change my question slightly. If you were given any amount of money to purchase a set up, what kind of set up would you purchase? Would you rather have a state of the art, portable installation, a state of the art, mobile installation, or a state of the art home-based shack?

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If truth be told, I would dearly love to purchase enough real estate to plant an antenna farm which would rival the old Rockwell Collins antennas in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Oh, my gosh - they had a log periodic which was to die for and, in my opinion, should have been declared a National Art Treasure.  And then there were the phased verticals, the low frequency wire antennas, the stacked VHF arrays, the discones... So, yeah.  The bulk of my unlimited cash would go to antennas.  And the land to grow them.

As far as inside the shack is concerned, I'm having loads of fun with my IC7300 but would be happy to complete my collection of TenTec radios.  Other than that, more and more Begali keys are always welcome. 

Okay, Jim.  Now that you have me seriously drooling over what could be, I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket, and a hanky.  Just sayin'.

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I’ve always wondered if dreaming was healthy. And yet… I live therefore I dream.

I’m torn. Being an explorer by nature, I love the idea of a transportable station. And yet, I too imagine that antenna farm of all antenna farms. I know a few. I also have a buddy, a co-conspirator on Ham Community who just bought a 50-acre farm and just last night we were on the phone yapping about that ultimate antenna setup that he is considering putting on his land. The good news is that if he goes for it, I get to help him build it and play with it!!

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14 hours ago, NS7X said:

Make me drool some more, why-doncha‽‽‽

(Don't suppose you'd be willing to introduce me to your buddy...😉)

Well, just ‘cause you asked… I just asked him if we could do FD2023 on his land. It would be a Ham Community FD effort. Let’s see what he says…

Oh, wait, did I mention I have another friend with a 500-acre plot of land in northern Québec that also happens to have a 500-foot tower? 🤣

Now let me get back to my usually scheduled crying session as I sit in my HOA condo (only three years to go until we move to our new setup…)

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