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Choptank River Waterfowl


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I have a wonder question. As the vehicle makes a right turn and the voice over says, "For the same reason..." a car can be seen at the end of the street making a U turn. The video then cuts to our vehicle parking by the wall. Does the question, "What happened to the other car?" spring into your mind?

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In looking at it again, I agree that the cut is a little jarring overall. Not sure what the fix is though. You could do a smoother/softer transition (e.g. fade) but I don't think it warrants it. I might have also tried the cut at 0:37 right as you're turning. You still see the car at the end but because you are not yet in your straight approach to the wall, it's maybe less obvious. A third option would have been if you had some b-roll of a house on the side of the street, for instance. You could have spliced that short cutaway in between. In short, tough one 🙃

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