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What's with Reverse Beacon


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I've been interested in the Bouvet Island DXpedition since I first read about it and have been checking in to its website to see where they were in their journey to the island. When they finally arrived, I began checking the Reverse Beacon website to see when they started operating. 

I first saw reports of their operating on  Feb 3, mostly into Europe on 40 meters plus one into New England on 20 meter - both well above the high end of the US Amateur Extra bands. Then nothing until just after the Slow Speed Round Table on 3565 at 7:30AM EST. After the roundtable, during which we discussed the 3Y0J operation, I checked again and saw that 3Y0J was showing into the eastern US on 3565 during the round table sending at 10 wpm - the same speed we operate and not before and not after. We didn't hear them but, since they are listening 15kc up, we wouldn't have heard any pileup associated with them. 

Just wondering how the Reverse Beacon site determines what it is listening to. 

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