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How do you log remote?


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Question came up yesterday from a mismatch in my log book. 

Scenario is this, the operator lives in Colorado, is sitting in colorado, but is using remote control to operate a transmitter located in Galveston, TX.
So operator is in CO but the signal is actually coming from TX.
When I logged the QSO on QRZ the entry was Colorado (as that's whats on his license and QRZ into).

Seems to me that is sort of cheating.  It's not an RS report from CO to NC, it's actually an RS report from TX to NC.   I logged it as a CO to NC QSO in my paper log book but I can't change it on QRZ .  Not a big thing but I'm just OCD like that.

How would you normally consider that QSO?  CO to NC  or TX to NC?  If I am trying to earn the "Worked all States" award, I actually didn't contact Colorado, I contacted Texas.

My professor in law school said one time decades ago, "If you apply the answer to a problem in it's extreme, and it still passes the logic test, then the answer is valid."

So using that theory, if the operator was sitting in Qatar on the other side of the world from me, remotely controlling a station located in Galveston TX, I wouldn't consider that RS report from Western Asia to NC to be valid as it's actually a signal report from TX to NC.   4/5 of that QSO from Qatar to NC is an email, literally, as it's going over VOIP, not over RF.  I'm not interested in how far I can send an email.

What say you?

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In this matter, that of QRZ and logging, I am not an expert. However, without getting into the bigger debate of the merits, joys, ethics, and all other considerations regarding remote operating, my simpleton logic would say that the transmitter is the contact location. That's a great poll question! Will have to post one.

As for your last sentence, 100% agreeeeee and ROTFLMHO 🤣 ... "I'm not interested in how far I can send an email." Now that is funny.

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