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Fox on the Wall


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My cat has decided she wants to be an outside cat and refuses to come inside, even during single digit temperatures. If carried inside, she will "escape" at the first opportunity. We set her up with a little cat house and feed her regularly.

The local fox has decide he likes cat food so has been steeling it. In order to prevent this, my wife has been placing the cat's food on a wall which the cat uses as a perch to survey the surrounding area. The cat could easily get up on the wall but we thought the fox wouldn't be able to do so.1401156123_20230124-FoxonWall-2079-6048x4024-1.thumb.jpg.3a96f816410d309f4921bbc7d6d301f5.jpg

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I find foxes to be among the most elegant animals, right up there with eagles and maybe dolphins. And wait, one more, elegant but not friendly... the snake. C'mon, it's elegant!!

Least elegant? Well, maybe not the least elegant, but clearly in a league of its own... the wolverine. It muddles it's way looking like a four-legged penguin, then looks up at you and without a beat says: "methinks I am now going to devour you, please stand by." 😁

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Never have found cats to be the friendliest of animals to have around the house.  I found a stray cat one time and tried to tame him.  Thing was mean as a snake.  I Fed him, took care of him, thing was ungrateful as could be.  Never would let me pet him.



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